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Wireless LAN Communications Procedure

  • Related Documents: Wireless LAN Communications Policy
  • Owner:  Computing and Communications Services (CCS)
  • Approver:  Vice-President, Administration and Operations
  • Approval Dates:  June 2005, August 2007

I.    Procedure

To prevent the de-activation and/or disabling of legitimately deployed Access Point(s) or the disconnection of subnets on which they reside, departments must register their AP(s) with CCS.

1.         Departments can register their Access Points by email to with the following information for each AP deployed:

·         department

·         contact name:

·         contact phone number

·         contact e-mail address

·         access point model

·         IP address

·         device name

·         wired mac address

·         wireless mac address

·         physical location, ie, room number

·         type of security being used

·         channel(s) being used or planned


2.         At the following url:  http:///www. (under development)

CCS will recommend the use of other frequency channels in the event that there may be channel conflicts in a particular zone.

II.    Jurisdiction

This procedure falls under the jurisdiction of the Vice President, Administration and Finance.  The application and interpretation of the procedure, and its associated policy, is the responsibility of the Director, Computing and Communications Services.