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University Administrative Policies Framework

Approved in October 2017, the Administrative Policies Framework (the "Framework") describes how to review and approve university administrative policies and it establishes a policy management program. The Framework is comprised of four elements: the Policy, the Procedure, Appendix A: the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Lens, and an Infographic depicting the review and approval process. The Framework reflects the University's mission, vision, and values as outlined in the  (PDF file) Toronto Metropolitan University Act and the Academic Plan

Please note that the Framework applies only to University Adminstrative Policies. It does not apply to Senate Policies or departmental policies.

Review and Approval Process for Administrative Policies

The framework establishes the procedure by which policies are reviewed, updated, approved, consolidated and retired.



  • Owner initiates policy development or review process by notifying Office of the General Counsel and Board Secretariat (GCBS).
  • Owner to clarify who the Approver will be (a senior executive or the Board of Governors).
  • Owner addresses policy gaps or needs; drafts or reviews policy; and provides draft to GCBS

  • Owner consults GCBS which will assist with legal review, drafting, formatting, template alignment, and research.
  • Owner seeks input from relevant community stakeholders including those who may be affected by the policy.
  • Owner considers the policy’s impact from an equity, diversity and inclusion perspective and may also consider consultation with EDI experts.
  • Owner gathers feedback from the Approver and the Executive Group.

  • The Approval process is completed once the Approver obtains the President’s approval. The Owner then provides written evidence of the approval to GCBS.
  • The policy may require Board Approval in certain specific circumstances.

  • Owner sends the approved policy to GCBS which posts approved policy on the University Administrative Policies website. Owner and GCBS may collaborate to develop additional communication strategies.