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Tuition Waiver Procedure

  • Related Documents:  Tuition Waiver Policy
  • Owner:  Human Resources
  • Approval Dates:  February 2004, August 2007

Application Process

1.    Prior to enrollment in a course or program, an employee will obtain program information, and complete a tuition waiver form.  Application forms are available in Human Resources.

2.    It is the responsibility of the employee to request any necessary approvals, and to provide the necessary documentation.

3.    Completed application forms are forwarded to Human Resources for review, approval and processing.

4.    Once approval is obtained, the employee or spouse and/or dependent can register in the course or program. The employee/ spouse and/or dependent take the registration and waiver forms to the student.

5.    Student Fees/Cashier’s Office will process the waiver and indicate any applicable administrative charges. The employee, spouse and/or dependent will then pay all other costs. The Student Fees/Cashier’s Office will provide the employee/ spouse and/or dependent with a copy of the application form for his/her records. The employee retains a copy of the registration and waiver form(s) for his/her records.

6.    All candidates require proof of successful course completion.

7.    Employees are expected to take these courses outside the normal work hours.  Managers must discuss requests for exceptions with Human Resources.


This procedure falls under the jurisdiction of the Vice President, Administration and Finance.  The administration, interpretation and application of this procedure and its related policy are the responsibility of Human Resources.