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Relocation Assistance Plan for New Career/Tenure Stream and Long Term Employees Policy

I.    Introduction

Toronto Metropolitan University (the "University") is committed to recruiting and retaining a workforce that provides a strategic and competitive advantage. For all positions within the University, our recruitment objective is to attract individuals with the knowledge, experience, and competencies to successfully meet the current and future needs of the University.

II.    Policy

In order to attract and retain the best qualified candidates the University, at its discretion, will reimburse new career, tenure stream or term employees offered contracts in excess of two years’ duration for their relocation expenses subject to certain conditions. This policy covers expenses up to a maximum amount incurred by employees who relocate their households and personal possessions as a result of accepting an offer of employment from the University.  Subject to the conditions outlined below, the University will reimburse 100% of the relocation expenses to a maximum of $5,000.00 for moves within Ontario and up to $10,000 for moves from outside Ontario.

III.    Application

This policy applies to all tenure stream faculty, professional librarians, professional counsellors and career academic and administrative staff and to individuals offered long-term temporary employment in excess of two years.

IV.    Jurisdiction

This policy falls under the joint jurisdiction of the Vice President, Administration and Finance and the Provost and Vice President Academic. The administration of this policy is decentralized to individual hiring departments, and its interpretation is the joint responsibility of the Executive Director, Human Resources and Vice Provost, Faculty Affairs.  Any exceptions to this policy whatsoever shall require the express and prior approval of the Vice President, Administration and Finance or Vice Provost, Faculty Affairs.