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Faculty and Staff Reimbursement Procedure

Faculty and Staff Reimbursement Overview:

The University will reimburse reasonable expenses incurred by employees for University business. The Faculty and Staff Reimbursement procedure describes how to obtain reimbursement for expenditures and applies to all reimbursements to faculty and staff except for travel and business meals/hospitality (including Travel Card) and petty cash.

This document is organized with the following sections:

•        how to,

•        responsibilities,

•        forms, and

•        information and assistance.

The related policy is "Faculty and Staff Reimbursement Policy"

How To:

Obtain an Accountable Advance:

In circumstances where a credit card cannot reasonably be used, and an advance of funds may be required to cover expenditures in excess of $100, an accountable advance can be requested. Only one advance may be outstanding to an individual at any time.

All such requests shall be submitted to Purchasing and Payment Services on a Cheque Requisition form (  A minimum of 5 working days is required prior to the need for the advance.

Advances must be settled within 21 working days following conclusion of the event giving rise to the advance. Advances may be settled by offsetting claims for reimbursement or by cash repayment.

Any advances remaining outstanding after 60 days may be deducted from the employee’s next salary payment. Advances outstanding at termination of employment will be deducted from any monies payable by the University to the employee.

Submit a Claim for Reimbursement:

1.  Faculty and staff can submit a claim for reimbursement either electronically through iExpense or through a paper "Cheque Requisition" form ( must be submitted to Purchasing and Payment Services, Financial Services.

iExpense Claims - An Oracle ID and password are required for the claimant and approver(s).  New users must complete and submit a System Access form to the Systems and Training Unit in Financial

Services.  Approval limits will be set up in Oracle Financials based on cost centers and approval authorities. Fax receipts to Purchasing and Payment Unit, Financial Services.  After approval, reimbursement will be processed within five (5) working days.

2.  Non university personnel (eg faculty candidates, visiting professors, etc.) can submit a claim for reimbursement only through a paper "Cheque Requisition" form. Claims must be submitted to Purchasing and Payment Services, Financial Services.

3.  Claims for reimbursement shall,

•      be expressed in Canadian or U.S. dollars at the rate of exchange in effect on the date of acquisition,

•     include date, description of expense and purpose and original receipts, invoices or travel ticket stubs or boarding passes, except where a fixed per diem claim is being made,

•     include signatures of the claimant and any other person(s) as required by the terms of the contract authorizing the funds;

Claims which have not been properly prepared, authorized or supported by documentation will be returned to the claimant with reasons given for not processing the claim

4.  All claims for reimbursement will be reduced by the amount of any outstanding accountable advance.

5.  All claims require the signature (including electronic signature) of the person who has signing authority on the account to be charged. If the claimant is the person with signing authority on the charged account, the claim requires an approval signature from the person to whom the claimant reports or his/her delegate, or in the case of research grants from the Principle Investigator (PI).

6.  Reimbursement will normally be made by cheque.

7.  All claims are subject to audit. Inappropriate claims may be retroactively disallowed and the claimant will be required to reimburse the University.

Expenses Which Are Not Reimbursable:

•     Expenses not incurred for business purposes;

•     Claims that were not completely or properly prepared

•     Expenses not properly approved

•     Expenses not supported by receipts or other documentation

•     Expenses which are being claimed by an employee as a tax deduction;

•     Expenses which are recoverable from a third party in the normal course;

•     Claims for stipends or other forms of remuneration;

•     Late payment interest on credit cards;

•     Parking, traffic or other fines and penalties.

Approve a Reimbursement Claim:

The responsibility for approving expenses claimed may be delegated but should not be delegated without careful consideration or appropriate instruction. You are responsible for supervision of managers to whom you delegate.

If documentation is lost, ensure that a written explanation of the loss is provided before granting approval.



The claimant must have advance authority, either as an expectation of the position held or from an administrative head of unit to incur expenses on behalf of the University.  Except where indicated otherwise, expenses are to be approved for reimbursement by at least one administrative level higher than the person claiming reimbursement.


Ensures that claims for expenses are for University purposes only and/or complies with any applicable external funding agency policies.

Ensures the completeness and accuracy of the approved claims. The approver reviews all transactions and approves them after determining that the goods or services were out of pocket, authorized, reasonable and appropriately documented. Claims must have the correct cost center and account code(s) indicated.

Purchasing and Payment Services:

Processes completed and properly approved claims within specified Financial Services service standards.


Please ensure you use the updated form, available on the Financial Services website (

Information and Assistance:

Questions and comments regarding this policy and/or procedure should be directed to the Manager of Purchasing and Payment Services.

Questions about financial issues should be directed to your Financial Advisor in the Department Services unit of Financial Services.