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Demotions, Reclassifications and Voluntary Transfers to a Lower Grade Policy


This policy outlines the principles, rules and guidelines used to determine appropriate salary treatment for employees who are assigned to a lower graded position as a result of reorganization of a work unit, department or school, voluntary transfer, or due to an employee’s inability to meet the requirements of his/her position.


1.    It is the policy of the University to ensure that positions are filled with the best qualified employees. If an employee is unable to fulfill the responsibilities of a position, and performance has consistently been below that which is required for the position, he or she may be reassigned to a position at a lower grade.

2.    The University will support employees who request a transfer to a lower graded position, and will not unreasonably deny such requests.

3.    The University has the right to make changes to its organizational structure in order to further its mission. A position may be changed as a result of reorganizations, so that it is evaluated at a lower grade level.

4.    The University has established reasonable provisions to limit the impact on the salary of employees who are demoted.

5.    Once a position has been revised and re-evaluated, the position will not be eligible for review of classification for another twelve months.


The objective of this policy is to establish and communicate fair and equitable provisions governing salary treatment for employees who are assigned to a lower graded position within the University, and maintain consistent treatment of employees’ salaries.


Demotion is defined as assignment to a lower graded position, as a result of the employee=s inability to meet the requirements of his/her position.

Voluntary Transfer occurs when an employee applies for or requests reassignment to a lower graded position and is successful in obtaining the position.

Reclassification to a Lower Graded Position refers to situations where an employee’s position is reevaluated at a lower grade level due to organizational changes beyond the employee’s control.


This policy and its procedure falls under the jurisdiction of the Vice President, Administration and Finance.  The interpretation and application of this policy is the responsibility of Human Resources.