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Commercial Activities Policy

  • Owner:  University Business Services
  • Approver:  Vice-President, Administration and Operations
  • Approval Dates:  August 1998, April 2001, Revised June 2004, August 2007


Toronto Metropolitan University's (the "University") ancillary services are a major source of funding for University activities.  This fact as well as tax considerations and municipal licensing arrangements require some control over any sales and/or services on campus.


Ancillary Services through its various units is responsible for all vending and over-the-counter sales on campus.  To this effect, the sale of merchandise and/or services anywhere on the campus shall be restricted to:

1.    Merchandise or services provided through outlets or organizations owned and/or operated by the University for that purpose.  (e.g. bookstore, food services, parking, OneCard);

2.    External firms (e.g. CIBC, Aramark, Zoom Media Inc., Car Park Management) under contracts or agreements with the University for the provision of merchandise and/or services or operating under leases which set out specific details to their respective commercial activity;

3.    Recognized campus organizations (e.g. TMSU, Oakham House) within the University community.  All such organizations must obtain the written approval of the Director, Ancillary Services before the sale and/or service may be undertaken.  All TMSU requests must be copied to the Director, Student Services whose advice is sought by the Director, Ancillary Services.

4.    Sales of a brief and specified duration for merchandise and/or services not already provided by those organizations set out in (1), (2), (3) above must be approved by the Director, Ancillary Services.  In those instances involving external organizations of a commercial nature, the University shall charge a rental/users fee (e.g. movement of furniture, provision of electrical, custodial services) as are determined from time to time by the University (see policy Booking of University Facilities for Non-Academic Events).                   

Except as noted above, no individual, group or organization of the University community shall engage in commercial activity on campus, nor shall any external person, group or company be allowed on campus for the purpose of offering merchandise for general sale, or for the solicitation of orders, subscriptions, etc., nor to advertise or use the University mail or e-mail system for the same.


This policy falls under the jurisdiction of the Vice President, Administration and Finance.  The application and interpretation of this policy is the responsibility of the Director, Ancillary Services.