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Collection Policy

  • Owner:  Financial Services
  • Approver:  Chief Financial Officer
  • Approval Dates:  June 2012
  • Next Review Date: 3 years from last approved date (2015)


The University will take all necessary and reasonable actions for the collection of overdue accounts to ensure that these amounts are paid. This policy establishes the guidelines for the collection of outstanding and overdue accounts.

The goal of collection is to maximize university cash flow and achieve minimal outstanding account delinquency.


1.   The university will deal with all clients in a fair and equitable manner and will be professional and accountable in all interactions with our clients.

2.   The university will be consistent in collection approach, actions and the application of university payment policies. The process for the collection of outstanding accounts will be standardized and will be comprised of a series of e-mails, notices and telephone calls that will outline the escalating seriousness of the situation.

3.   The university will work with our clients to resolve all outstanding and due situations before they become unmanageable, difficult and/or uncollectable and will make every effort to keep collections efforts in-house.

4.   The university will place difficult to collect accounts with external collection agencies, all of whom will be reputable and respectful of applicable legislation, codes of conducts and the privacy of information.

Roles and Responsibilities

1.   Collection Services is responsible to ensure that:

·     Collection policy and the escalating nature of the collection process is clearly articulated and published on the University web site and in such student calendars and guides so that our clients can appreciate and understand the seriousness of the situation and the repercussions that can result from non-payment.

·     Established protocol and standardized business processes are in place for the collection of outstanding overdue amounts and that all collection activities are undertaken within approved collection business processes, guidelines and accepted code of ethics,

·     All efforts to collect overdue accounts have taken place before an account is placed with an external collection agency.

·     Oversight and monitoring of external collection agency relationships exists.

·     All information received from clients is considered confidential. Collection Services staff will not gather, retain or disclose information about any client in contravention of the federal “Personal Information Protection and Electronics Documents Act (PIPEDA) or related provincial acts and statutes.

·     Collection agency services shall be tendered through a competitive bidding process. The remuneration of a collection agency shall be based solely upon the successful recovery of outstanding amounts due.

2.   The authority to settle an account for less than the total amount due (which may include interest and/or late fees) rests with the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or their delegate(s).


All accounts outstanding and due to the University, including but not limited to amounts due from students, faculty & staff and external organizations.


This policy is under the jurisdiction of the Vice President, Administration and Finance. The interpretation and administration of this policy is the responsibility of the Chief Financial Officer.

Policy Review

This policy is subject to review every three (3) years.