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Bookable Space Policy (formerly Temporary Use of Space)

  • Related Documents:  Bookable Space Reservation Agreement

  • Owner:  University Business Services
  • Approver:  Vice-President, Administration and Operations; Provost and Vice-President, Academic
  • Approval Date(s):  August 2014; July 2019

I.    Purpose

The purpose of this Policy is to guide management, and establish terms and conditions for the use of Bookable Space as outlined in the University’s Bookable Space Reservation Agreement.

II.   Scope and Application

This Policy applies to all Bookable Space. It does not apply to the University Property described in Schedule A: List of Excluded University Property.

This Policy applies to the University Community and to Event Organizers.

III.  Definitions

Bookable Space: means space forming part of the University Property, made available by the University, in its sole discretion, for event reservations such as conference rooms, meeting rooms, classrooms, gymnasiums, labs, lecture halls, breakout rooms, the Theatre, atriums, and outdoor space.

Event Organizer: means the University or non-University group or individual who reserves Bookable Space for an event.

University Community: means all students and employees, and for the purposes of this policy, includes alumni.

University Property: means the lands and buildings owned, leased, or controlled by the University. For the purposes of this policy it does not include equipment or information.

IV.   Policy

1. The University shall manage Bookable Space in accordance with the University’s core mission and objectives in the Toronto Metropolitan University Act, Section 3, the Academic Plan, and University policies, procedures, and guidelines.

2. The University shall consider the safety and security of the University Community and University Property in managing Bookable Space.

3. The University shall consider the following space-needs priorities in descending order beginning with the highest priority:

a. University-approved course-related academic events (e.g. courses, labs, etc.);

b. University-approved non-course related academic events (e.g. exams, academic showcase events, study groups, etc.);

c. Non-course University-related activities approved by an academic department or administrative unit (e.g. seminars, conferences, employee orientation);

d. Activities of recognized campus groups, student societies, employee groups or events to support alumni engagement (e.g. student union events, student career fairs, alumni-run event promoting University engagement or networking with the University Community); and lastly,

e. Activities of external groups. Note: for the purposes of event prioritization only, Event Organizers who are alumni may be considered as an external group where the event’s purpose is not related to University Advancement.

4. The University may, in its sole discretion, accept or decline a request for Bookable Space, impose any conditions on use of Bookable Space, and revoke or terminate permission to use Bookable Space.

5. The University may charge costs for Bookable Space including but not limited to ancillary charges for presentation technology and media, food services, cleaning, set up, waste removal, security and other charges as may be appropriate.

6. The Event Organizer and event attendees shall comply with University policies, procedures, guidelines, and regulations including but not limited to sound-amplification guidelines, parking regulations, smoking restrictions, and fire and safety requirements.

V.    Roles and Responsibilities

University Business Services: administers space booking requests.


Schedule A: List of Excluded University Property

University parking facilities and parking lots