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At the School of Occupational and Public Health, outstanding learning opportunities prepare students to become highly qualified occupational and public health and safety professionals.

At the undergraduate level, we offer a bachelor of applied science (BASc) in Occupational and Public Health via an Occupational Health and Safety option and a Public Health option.

Following completion of a common set of first-year courses, students continue their studies in either Occupational Health and Safety or Public Health.

At the graduate level, we offer a master of science (MSc) in Occupational and Public Health to prepare graduates to address emerging occupational and public challenges. It is the first and only program of its kind in Canada.


Help prevent injury and illness in all types of workplaces. Learn to evaluate injury and accidents, and to assess harmful exposures to chemicals, radiation and physical agents.

Help prevent disease and protect public health for the entire population. Become a public health inspector or pursue food safety, quality assurance, water quality and infection control within the private sector.


Occupational and Public Health (MSc)

In the first and only program of its kind in Canada, learn to create evidence-based solutions to occupational and public health challenges related to climate change, infectious diseases, aging populations and more.