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Logos of the various schools involved in the Nursing Collaborative Degree program

Leadership  

As healthcare activists, nurses are leaders in the community. They are socially progressive in promoting health and personally responsive in meeting client needs. Whether collaborating with other professionals, coordinating levels of service, or advocating for patients, nurses inspire individuals and communities toward better health.

Knowledge 

Nursing is a field of continual change and evolving knowledge. An evidence-based approach to healthcare requires a strong foundation in critical thinking, ample clinical experience, up-to-date technical skills and a commitment to ongoing professional development. Nurses at every level are expert researchers, learners and guides.


Compassion 

Empathy and understanding are essential in patient-centred nursing. A deep appreciation of humanity, an encouraging attitude, and an ability to connect with all members of the community are hallmarks of superb healthcare providers. Nurses integrate science with the art of caregiving and lead from the heart.



Undergraduate Admissions

 Toronto, Ontario

 416-979-5036