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Sensitive Detection and Accurate Quantification of Biomolecules

Research Critical to Improving Diagnostic & Therapeutic Methods for Medicine and Public Health

Welcome to our world of analytical biochemistry: we study extracellular or circulating proteins and peptides in the blood and their receptors on cell surfaces.

ELiMSATM (Enzyme-Linked Mass Spectrometric Assay) was invented and patented as an ultra-sensitive detection method that has pushed the edges of detection, accuracy and quantification of biomolecules. ELiMSATM is the only existing linear and Gaussian detection method that reaches single molecule range (Yoctomole).

In the field of proteomics, the Marshall Team has implemented large-scale comparisons of blood proteins and peptides, or secreted proteins, between normal and disease using sophisticated database and statistical analysis.



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Our Goals

  • Push the limits of sensitive quantification and accurate detection to improve on diagnostic and therapeutic methods important to medicine and public health
  • Collaborate with academic and commercial partners within Canada and internationally
  • Steward inquisitive researchers to work hard, think critically and advance science

“Detecting and quantifying biomolecules accurately and sensitively helps advance medical and public health diagnostics and therapies. Our research can detect a wide range of viruses and diseases, such as COVID-19, HIV, cancer, Alzheimer’s, as well as food and water pathogens. Our goal is to push the limits of accurate and sensitive testing.”

Dr. John G. Marshall

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