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Welcome to Toronto Metropolitan University

Welcome to Toronto Metropolitan University

To be metropolitan is to be defined by big city life, from its diversity to its density to the creativity of its many people. For more than 75 years, this word has defined who we are as an institution, and now it also makes up our name. 

It’s the mix of peoples and perspectives found in big cities that drives innovation. That’s why we think of our new name as a description of our location and a statement of our identity. This campus has always been a place of gathering for people of diverse backgrounds to share information and ideas, which positions us well to prepare you for success in a globalized world.


logo of Toronto Metropolitan University, formerly Ryerson University

75 years

Of innovative, career-driven education since 1948

ranked number two

Canada’s Best Universities by Student Services, ranked by Maclean’s (2024)

more than 80

Languages spoken by TMU students and faculty

more than 140

Countries our students call home

Build your future here

Our place at the heart of Canada's largest city offers students wonderful cultural experiences and tastes of home but also many career opportunities. Not only is experiential learning a part of almost all of our programs, but our partnerships with major companies mean that you’ll be able to take part in a vast co-op program that’ll help you land your first job in Canada.

campus at dusk, located in downtown Toronto surrounded by tall buildings 

a busy intersection near campus with a streetcar in view and lots of people crossing 

Explore our campus

Step into the heart of Toronto and see what it's like to study on a campus that's at the centre of it all. Here you'll get access to amazing student spaces, studios and labs and be welcomed by a warm community who will support you from day one. To us, a metropolis is a place where everyone belongs, which is another way of saying, our campus is the perfect home away from home.