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About the Fashion Zone

At the Fashion Zone, we empower creators who are redefining fashion; entrepreneurs and innovators who seek to create experiences that move people to feel something different, something fresh, something new. Because to us, fashion goes far beyond clothing – it extends into product, technology, design and retail. And while no one can be certain what the next wave of innovation will be, we believe we can enable it.

As Canada's fastest-growing incubator for fashion-inspired businesses, we support those who are committed to pushing the boundaries of their own ventures and the industry.

Gain access to a diverse set of advisors from fashion, retail, technology, legal, finances, and more.

In-house fashion technician with digital pattern drafting and CAD services.

State-of-the-art fashion technologies and space for product development.

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Networking opportunities to build connections with industry, entrepreneurs, and academia.

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Experiential learning through workshops, panel discussions, and conference opportunities.

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Access to industry, government and institutional grants, funding and awards.

In house services

With so many great tools at your fingertips, our in-house services are here to help you build your business. From access to other entrepreneurs and advisors to beautiful office space and workshops to health and wellness programs, you’ll enjoy a range of benefits in a supportive, friendly and inspiring environment. 

With every Fashion Zone membership, you can expect the following:

  • Join a vibrant entrepreneurial community
  • Access to a network with over 40 industry advisors and professionals and 160+ Fashion Zone family companies
  • 24/7 open office space
  • Members-only workshops and partnership opportunities
  • In-house fashion technician with CAD software and digital pattern making
  • Industrial sewing machines
  • Drafting tables and storage space
  • Prototyping space and 3D printers
  • Fully equipped meeting boardrooms
  • Front desk service and support
  • Health and wellness workshops, such as yoga classes
  • Mailbox service

Online resources

As a member of Ryerson’s Fashion Zone, you’ll gain access to not just our beautiful physical spaces, but to our incredible set of online tools as well. Whether you need research material, trends and forecasting reports or online support services, these resources offer a wealth of knowledge to help you find the information you need, when you need it.

The following are provided with your Fashion Zone membership:

  • Access to the Fashion Zone Start-up Toolkit - our database of useful business tools and presentations of Fashion Zone workshops
  • Access to the Ryerson Library resources - featuring over 3 million dollars in electronic resources, including e-journals, e-books, databases and indexes, geospatial data, and catalogued websites or electronic documents
  • Access to trends research and forecasting tools from WGSN
  • Access to the Ryerson Zone Learning job board 
  • Access to online business support services (i.e., Clausehound - an online knowledge database for legal resources)
  • Access to global advisors

Industry perks

Because we’ve built relationships with so many outside service providers, you’ll enjoy the kind of perks that go beyond the Fashion Zone. From access to professional services to prototyping and manufacturing facilities to discounts at tons of events, your membership will start paying off before you’ve even walked through our doors.

Perks you can expect with your Fashion Zone membership include:

  • Professional services (sales, financial, legal, and marketing services)
  • Media and communications production services
  • Discounts with shipping and logistics from logistics partners
  • Prototyping and manufacturing facilities
  • Classes and workshops
  • Tickets to local events and conferences
  • Reduced rates with partnered event venues
  • Fitness passes
  • Food and hospitality
  • News and online learning
  • Inventory and fulfillment services

*subject to change

The Fashion Zone offers 3 memberships: company (open to all), associate, and apprentice (open only to Ryerson students).


  • Do you have a business plan? How about a product or prototype? Does your business and/or product have a social media following, traction and sales?  If so, you’re ready to apply as a Fashion Zone company.
  • If accepted, your company will be granted a 4-month membership.
  • Please note, there is no cost for the first four months of incubation. However, business insurance is required.
  • At the four-month mark, all new companies are subject to review.


  • An associate is a current Ryerson student with an early-stage business idea that gets matched with a Fashion Zone start-up to develop skills and a concept.
  • This membership is suited for those wanting to learn how to build a business. Learn and apply critical skills in order to grow within the Zone and within the Ryerson Campus.
  • Associates are eligible for internship hours. The general term for this membership is 6 months.


  • An apprentice is a current Ryerson student interested in entrepreneurship but without a concrete idea, gets matched with a Fashion Zone start-up to learn about entrepreneurship.
  • This membership is suited for those wanting to learn how to build a business. Learn and apply critical skills in order to grow within the Zone and within the Ryerson Campus
  • Apprentices are eligible for internship hours. The general term for this membership is 6 months.

If you’re feeling inspired by what we offer, then you’ve passed the first test. The process from application to onboarding takes about two months. To complete your application, please complete the following steps:

  1. Apply online.
  2. Screening - your application will be reviewed in an initial screening process. Only successfully-screened applicants will be invited for an interview with the Admissions team.
  3. Interview - come in for a pitch and conversation where our Admissions team gets to know you and your business.
  4. For students applying to our Associate and Apprentice program, we will bring you in for a meeting where we get to know your skills and your goals.
  5. Offer - You receive a formal invitation to the Fashion Zone program
  6. Onboarding - Attend an Onboarding session to complete your application, learn about our full program, and meet fellow onboarding members of the Fashion Zone family.

Our Facilities

Please visit Our Facilities for full details on membership resources and amenities.