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Application acceptance periods are determined by individual Studio Zone's. To find out if the zone you are interested in applying to is currently accepting applications head their their website or get in touch with them directly.

For Startups

  • I aspire to bring something new and unexpected to the creative industries
  • I am a Canadian company looking to grow my business
  • I am a product / service / technology / social impact
  • I have a business plan
  • I have a sample / prototype of my idea
  • I can demonstrate some evidence of unmet need in the market or marketability of my solution
  • I may have some sales and traction
  • I have a leadership team comprised of driven, coachable and collaborative people with some expertise in the area of focus

For Projects

  • I have an innovative creative project with a clear final deliverable or deadline
  • I have a prototype to communicate my vision (3D model, creative treatment, scripts, sketches, media, etc.)
  • I have a desire to see my project from concept to completion
  • I have a strong, unique and authentic point of view
  • I am currently engaged in, and actively pursuing my field
  • I have an entrepreneurial mindset
  • I am interested in how to turn my project into a business model or leverage into a portfolio piece
  • I am coachable and collaborative 

For Students

  • I am a Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) student with an interest in entrepreneurship and innovation in the creative industries
  • I may have a business idea but not a full business plan
  • I want to grow my creative & business skills
  • I want to enhance my resume or portfolio
  • I may be looking for internship hours
  • I may be seeking resources to help build, prototype or present a Creative School curricular project
  • I am seeking a unique learning opportunity
  • What I lack in experience, I make up for in passion, imagination and vision