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The Inclusive Early Childhood Service System Project (IECSS) is a study that aims to understand disability in early childhood from the perspective of families.

Most Recent Publications

Tollan, K. & Underwood, K. (2023).  (PDF file) IECSS Policy Brief No. 13: Disabled children’s participation in a national childcare strategy. Inclusive Early Childhood Service System project.

Park, J., & Ceolin, K. (2023).  (PDF file) Let the rivers flow: A gathering of Indigenous and allied communities, youth, professionals, and families with children from across Canada, event technical report. Inclusive Early Childhood Service System project. Toronto, ON: Toronto Metropolitan University.

Tollan, K., Jezrawi, R., Underwood, K., & Janus, M. (2023).  (PDF file) A review on early intervention systems. Current Developmental Disorder Reports, 1-7.

Balter, A.S., Feltham, L., Parekh, G., Douglas, P., Underwood, K., & van Rhijn, T. (2023).  (PDF file) Re-imagining inclusion through the lens of disabled childhoods. Disability and Social Inclusion: Lessons from the Pandemic, 11(1). 48-59.

IECSS. (2022).  (PDF file) Policy brief no. 12: Policy recommendations for inclusive early childhood services. Inclusive Early Childhood Service System project.

Underwood, K., van Rhijn, T., Balter, A., Feltham, L., Douglas, P., Parekh, G., & Lawrence, B. (2021). Pandemic Effects: Ableism, Exclusion, and Procedural Bias. Journal of Childhood Studies,16-29. (external link) 

van Rhijn, T., Underwood, K., Frankel, E., Lero, D. S., Spalding, K., Janus, M., Friendly, M., & Haché, A. (2021). Role of Child Care in Creating Inclusive Communities and Access for All. (external link)  Canadian Public Policy,47(3), 399-409.