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Is your child younger than school-age?

Do you want to talk to a researcher about your experience with getting support for your child?  

The Inclusive Early Childhood Services System Project wants to learn from what you know about getting support for your child. The study hopes to learn more about how early childhood services are meeting the needs of children with “atypical development”, “special needs”, “disability”, or “gifts”.

Most Recent Publications:

Balter, A.S., Feltham, L., Parekh, G., Douglas, P., Underwood, K., & van Rhijn, T. (2023). PDF fileRe-imagining inclusion through the lens of disabled childhoods. Disability and Social Inclusion: Lessons from the Pandemic, 11(1). 48-59.

IECSS. (2022). PDF filePolicy brief no. 12: Policy recommendations for inclusive early childhood services. Inclusive Early Childhood Service System project.

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van Rhijn, T., Underwood, K., Frankel, E., Lero, D. S., Spalding, K., Janus, M., Friendly, M., & Haché, A. (2021). Role of Child Care in Creating Inclusive Communities and Access for All., external link Canadian Public Policy,47(3), 399-409.

Underwood, K., Haché, A., & Douglas, P. (2021). PDF fileIECSS policy brief no. 11: Submission to the Day of General Discussion on Children's Rights and Alternative Care: Disability and childhood. Inclusive Early Childhood Service System project.

Underwood, K., & Snoddon, K. (2021). PDF fileIECSS policy brief no. 10: Deaf childhoods and inclusive early childhood education and care. Inclusive Early Childhood Service System project.

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