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W 2024

Careers Beyond Academia: Options and Opportunities

February 27, 2024

In today’s workplace reality, many graduate students and postdocs will be searching for jobs and careers in settings outside of the academy. For some, this might have been the plan all along. For others, this may represent a shift in thinking about their future.

This engaging panel discussion focused on the realities of making the transition from academia to other sectors, such as government, industry and not-for-profit. Panelists Dr. Ali Khosousi, Sahar Raza and Dr. Sandra Romain shared their experiences and trajectories as former graduate students who are now in career positions outside of academia.

This event was facilitated by Dr. Nancy Walton, BScN, PhD, Associate Dean, Student Affairs, YSGPS, and professor, Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing.


  • Dr. Ali Khosousi, Mechanical Engineering PhD
  • Sahar Raza, Communication & Culture MA
  • Dr. Sandra Romain, Medical Anthropology PhD