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F 2022

Planning your career in a hybrid world

November 22, 2022

Career planning in today’s hybrid world presents both new opportunities and new challenges. Graduate students came together for an interactive discussion on self-presentation and digital presence, highlighting skills and achievements, networking and making connections that last.

This timely session covered how to manage all aspects of career planning in a hybrid world for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows at any stage of career development.

This event was facilitated by:

  • Dr. Nancy Walton, BScN, PhD, Associate Dean, Student Affairs, YSGPS and professor, Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing
  • Dr. Wilson Leung, PhD, Director, Graduate Leadership Institute, YSGPS
  • Dr. Seth Dworkin, PhD, P.Eng., FCSME, Professor and Canada Research Chair, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Academic Lead, Postdoctoral Fellows, YSGPS
  • Dr. Karyn Olsen, PhD, Educational Developer, Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching
  • May Haithem, MSc, BA, Career Education Specialist, YSGPS