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F 2021

Queen's Park parliament building in Toronto, Ontario.

Working in Government - The Future of Leadership

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Have you ever considered a career in government? At every level of government, there are potential opportunities available for graduate students from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, who want to get involved, advocate for the issues that they care about, and build a meaningful career pathway!

Grad student heard from an expert panel of individuals working in various government roles and with unique experiences in, and pathways to government work. They shared their own stories and strategies for getting in, for moving through a career in government, and for taking advantage of opportunities in government work. Particpants learned firsthand about a variety of opportunities available to them.

it was a great session for grad students who were considering a career in government, as well as those who might never have considered it.


  • Kwame Addo, Ombudsman, City of Toronto
  • Marc Mainguy, Senior Policy Advisor, Toronto Metropolitan University; former Senior Policy Advisor, Ministry of Colleges and Universities
  • Ivonne Mellozzi, Director, Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities
  • Kelsey Merkley, Senior Policy Analyst, Ontario Digital Service