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W 2020

It's Your Career—Take Charge!

March 10, 2020

Graduate students came together for an interactive discussion on achieving career goals after grad school. Students discussed applying graduate experience to career goals, developing strategies to enhance career resilience and ways to market their skill set during the job hunt.

It was an opportunity for students to take charge of their career path with support from their network and an expert panel of YSGPS educators and career specialists.

The session was facilitated by:

  • Dr. Janice Waddell, RN, MA, PhD, interim associate dean, student affairs, YSGPS and professor, Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing
  • Dr. Karen Spalding, RN, MSc, PhD, program director, Master of Health Administration (Community Care) and associate professor, School of Health Services Management
  • Rebecca Dirnfeld, MA, manager, Graduate Career Services, TRSM
  • Wincy Li, MA, career education specialist, YSGPS