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Major Research Papers (MRP) Library

The MRP embodies the results of the student's research program and exposes the work to scholarly criticism.  The major research paper is presented to the university in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in the program of Immigration and Settlement Studies.

The MRPs listed below are from the most recent graduates.

Full catalogue of all MRPs from 2005 to 2023

Many MRPs are available online at the Toronto Metropolitan University Library.

Abbas, Aliza (2023) Impact of Educational Policies on Immigrant Youth

Ajaj, Layal (2023) Re-Imagining Canada: The Influence of Racialized Immigrants and Indigenous Communities on Canadian National Identity

Bhuiyan, Rozina (2023) Integrating Internationally Trained Medical Doctors' (IMTD) Talent Into the Canadian Healthcare Sector

Cheema, Risha (2023) A Policy Analysis of the Canadian Immigration Detention System

Deyhim, Maliheh (2023) In Pursuit of Belonging: Iranian Queer Refugees' Experience of Feeling at Home in Canada

Elmasri, Lara (2023) Critical Literature Review of Hijab Wearing Women Post 9-11

Gustave, Rachael (2023) Examining Localized Policy Approaches in Support of Precarious Status Non-Citizens in Toronto and New York City

Kim, Julie (Ha Young) (2023) Stories from the Hidden World of Immigration Detention in Canada: A Phenomenological-Narrative Study

Ko Din, Jann Tracee C. (2023) Student's Guide to Research on Filipinx/a/os in Canada: A Scoping Literature Review

Lam, Connie (2023) Obscure, Minimize, and Distract: The Canadian State's Playbook on the Characterization and Justification of Immigration Detention

Lavoie-Ricard, Sebastien (2023) Is It Fair? A Case Study of Automated Decision Making in Canadian Migration Management

Le, Monica Than (2023) The Vietnamese Refugee Experience: An Analysis of Canadian Government Policy During the Vietnamese Refugee Crisis From 1975 to 1982

Lone, Haanya Noor (2023) The End-To-End UNHCR Refugee Resettlement Journey: The Case of Ahmadi Muslim Refugees from Pakistan to Canada

Macabutas, Chantal Salvacion (2023) Negotiation of Relations Between Parent-Child Bonds Following Reunification

Mathurin, Georgiana (2023) Black Feminist Autoethnography: African/Black Women With Precarious Migration Status in Canada

Minta Marta (2023) Canadian Experience Wanted: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Media Representation of Skilled Immigrants

Mohamed, Imtyaz (2023) The Relationship Between Canadian Immigration Policies and Domestic/Intimate Partner Violence Against Immigrant Women: A Scoping Review

Qazimllari, Sara (2023) Exploring the Motives for Homeschooling Among Muslim Immigrant Parents in Ontario

Roshan, Hassibullah (2023) Exploring AI-Powered Migration Management in Canada Through the Prisms of Algorithmic Governmentality, Techosolutionism and Critical Data Studies

Sarwary, Najla (2023) The Social Construction of Citizenship and Legal Production of Low-Skilled Temporary Foreign Workers Precarious Status in Canada

Sesay, Hassan Bockarie (2023) The Perils of Justice: The Experiences of Black Immigrants and Other Racialized Families in Contact with the Justice System in Canada

Simbanez, Camila (2023) Exploring Family Dynamics in Mexican American Families: A Scoping Review on Migration and the Acculturation Journey in Mexican American and Mexican Canadian Contexts

Southall, Maggie Anne (2023) Canada and Climate Change: The Nation-State's Complicity in Climate Migration

Sulub, Hani (2023) Beyond Borders: Examining the Experiences of First and Second-Generation Somalis in Canada

Thavarajah, Nirupan (2023) Canada's Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program and Health: Barriers in Accessing Equitable Health Outcomes

Uppal, Rupinder Kaur (2023) Mental Health Challenges of Racialized International Students in Canada and Supports Available to Them: A Scoping Literature Review

Young, Karen (Ming) (2023) The Multi-Destination Contexts of Migration and Settlement Experiences of Chinese Women -  A Scoping Review