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Major Research Papers (MRP) Library

The MRP embodies the results of the student's research program and exposes the work to scholarly criticism.  The major research paper is presented to the university in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in the program of Immigration and Settlement Studies.

The MRPs listed below are from the most recent graduates.

Full catalogue of all MRPs from 2005 to 2022

Many MRPs are available online at the Toronto Metropolitan University Library.

Abdi, Abdullahi (2022) The Assemblage of Pathways Towards Homelessness for Newcomer Youth

Ahmed, Rezwana (2022) “The Spaces In Between”: Exploring Second-Generation Youth Identity: A Case Study of Bangladeshi-Canadian Youth in Toronto

Boissiere, Kimberly (2022) The Experiences of Black First-Generation Immigrant Youth Integrating Into the Ontario Education System

Cox, Hannah Christine (2022) Securitization and the Impacts and Perceptions of Migration Post-2015: A Scoping Review of Canada and Germany

Eskandarpour, Roxanna (2022) Higher Education Experiences of Underrepresented Populations: A Literature Review of Indigenous and Racialized International Students

Goolab, Nadira (2022) The Legal, Economic, and Social Vulnerabilities Experienced By Seasonal Mexican Agricultural Workers Before and During COVID-19

Ismail, Sjarif Jonathan (2022) Climbing a Ladder: Employment Mismatch Experiences of Visible Minority, Skilled Immigrants in Canada

Jung, Jessica D. (2022) Sanctuary Movement in Mid-Sized Cities in Canada: An Exploration of the Strengths and Limitations of Local Sanctuary Policies and Practices 

Liang, Lily (2022) Underrepresented Encounters in Mining Towns: Chinese and Indigenous Relations in the Cariboo Region during the 1850s to 1920s

Muthulingam, Vinofa (2022) The Relationship Between Heritage Language Education and Ethnic Identity: A Study of Second-Generation Tamil Immigrants in the GTHA

Noteboom, Megumi (2022) Authenticity as Survival Strategy: The Immigrant Experience of Japanese Chef of Identities and Food

Robinson, Krista (2022) A Discourse Analysis of Migrant Farm Worker Coverage in Alternative News Media

Rodriguez, Liza Andrea (2022) Racialized Immigrant Youth in the Ontario Education System

Tarana, Tara (2022) An Analysis of the Roma and Their Inclusion and Exclusion in Metropolitan Areas of Europe

Vallejo, Michelle (2022) Refugee Status Determination in Canada: Ensuring Procedural Fairness at the Immigration and Refugee Board

Zulfiqar, Hira (2022) The Social Construct of Religious Identity and Its Implications on the Integration Experience of Immigrant Muslim Youth in Canada