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Formerly Ryerson Graduate Fellowships (RGF)

The Toronto Met Graduate Fellowship (TMGF) is a merit-based scholarship for students pursuing studies in one of the university’s graduate programs. The allocation of fellowships is on a competitive basis and is consistent with Toronto Met’s policies concerning access, equity and research integrity and the criteria established by the Scholarship and Awards Committee of the Yeates School of Graduate Studies. The Committee oversees the evaluation of candidates and selection of award winners in collaboration with Graduate Program Scholarship Committees.

A maximum of $12,000 at the master's level and a maximum of $16,000 at the doctoral level.  The TMGF is non-renewable though you may receive up to two years of funding at the master's level and up to four years of funding at the doctoral level.

There is no deadline, as all eligible students applying to graduate programs at Toronto Met will be considered for the TMGF.

You must:

  • Be a domestic student
  • Be enrolled in full-time studies
  • Have a minimum of a B average in your last two years of study

Students who did not receive an entry fellowship but who perform at the level required will be eligible for consideration for a TMGF after their first year in a Toronto Met graduate program. Such awards will be dependent on the availability of funding.

The guidelines for the selection of fellowship recipients are designed to strike a number of balances in allocating funding to graduate students at Toronto Met. These procedures aim to:

  • Maximize program determination of fellowship recipients in a context of accepted university-wide norms.
  • Allocate entry fellowships based on academic excellence, and permit the allocation of fellowships to in-progress graduate students (not funded on entry) who demonstrate excellence in their Toronto Met studies.
  • Make allocation decisions expeditiously, based on a comprehensively considered set of criteria.

To facilitate consistency across graduate programs and program scholarship committees, the following criteria and weighting ranges are recommended for evaluating students for an TMGF. The first four factors are required as part of the student’s application to Toronto Met. We recognize that programs may also wish to establish additional specific criteria such as portfolios, interviews, program suitability, etc.

Criteria Weight
Academic Excellence 40-50%
Reference Letters 20-25%
Statement of Interest
Awards and Achievements
Program Specific Factors

Programs must complete a ranking form that clearly identifies the criteria, their relative weight, and the student’s score in each category. This should be submitted to the Scholarship and Awards Committee for final approval.