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7 reasons to do a PhD: Realize your future with TMU Graduate Studies

Three graduate students in meeting room

Thinking about doctoral studies? Here are seven reasons to pursue a PhD at TMU:

1. Advancing knowledge through cutting-edge work: Find solutions to the great challenges of our time with original research, scholarship and creative activities that transform the way we engage with the world.

2. Becoming an expert in your field: With 10 Zones for experiential learning and 125+ research centres, institutes and labs at Toronto Met, you will learn from leading experts – and become one yourself.

3. Developing the advanced skills essential for a successful career trajectory: Writing, communication, time management, working independently, teamwork, leadership and applying leading-edge advances to solve complex challenges are some of the essential skills that can be applied to any career post-PhD.

4. Being in an academic environment: If you enjoy stimulating intellectual inquiry and debate, collaborating with fellow researchers and the freedom to determine your own priorities and areas of focus, a PhD delivers on all fronts and more.

5. Gaining valuable life experience: In leading new research, you will be setting goals, overcoming obstacles and finding solutions as you persevere towards a higher purpose. This will provide new insights and perspectives on other areas of your life.

6. Making a contribution that matters: Doctoral education and the advanced skills it embodies is a powerful springboard for intelligent individuals to lead, thrive and succeed in a dynamic world by pushing its boundaries in ways we may not have even imagined yet.

7. Completing a challenging and rewarding pursuit achieved by few:  “Earning a PhD demands passion for learning, deep thinking and curiosity, and intense dedication,” says Dr. Jennifer Mactavish, vice-provost and dean of the Yeates School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. “When  you are up for the challenge and motivated by the desire to make a difference, doctoral studies can be one of the most professionally and personally rewarding experiences of your life.”