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Social Media While You’re Abroad

While you’re abroad, sharing your experience via Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, blogs and other platforms can be an easy way to convey your global experiences to your friends and family back home, but should be done so respectfully and safely.

Toronto Metropolitan University FCAD student, Jackie Jabson, poses on a stairwell with friends during trendwatching short-term intensive course in Stuttgart, Germany.
Toronto Metropolitan University TRSM student, Felix Pun, poses on the side of a mountain while on exchange in Hong Kong.

Many of your friends and family’s only knowledge and experience of your host country will be through what you share with them on your platform. When taking or sharing pictures, try to avoid pictures that depict stereotypes, cliches or that are exploitative of your host culture. Always remember to be respectful. Ask for permission before posting photos of other individuals on your platforms.

Your experience abroad will be complex and unique - take pictures to reflect that. While iconic buildings or landscapes are great souvenirs, you should also consider posting about your daily life and activities. Take photos with your host family and your local friends while you go about your everyday life. Take photos of your surroundings, like your favourite restaurants or places you study. And if it’s on Instagram, don’t forget to tag us to be featured!