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Identity Abroad

This section provides important considerations and resources for students from a variety of social locations. One or more sections may be particularly relevant for you, while we encourage everyone to explore these sections to better understand how global learning and travel is experienced from a diversity of perspectives.

Throughout the resources you will see referral to the activity organizer. Who this individual is depends on the particular global learning activity you are pursuing. For example, for the exchange program this refers to your faculty specific exchange coordinator, while for a Faculty-Led Program this would refer to the program lead (faculty member or staff). Whenever in doubt, please reach out to anyone on the global learning team.

Thank you to all those in the Toronto Metropolitan University community who supported the development of these resources.

Coming Soon: Sections on Gender Abroad and Heritage Seekers.

While you may just be exploring the idea of travelling abroad, and are not at the planning stages yet, you should still check out our resources in Step 3: Preparing To Go! We have resources on Safety, Mental Health and Wellbeing, and Photography while abroad. 

Ryerson TRSM student, Metis Chan, poses with friends in front of a rice field while on exchange at Hong Kong Polytechnic University.