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Work Abroad

Internships, Placements and Co-op

International work experience can make your resumé stand out to employers and provides an excellent opportunity to make professional connections and build your intercultural awareness.

A number of programs at Toronto Metropolitan University are supportive of students pursuing an internship, placement or co-op abroad, but it’s up to you to take the initiative to explore what’s available and to determine whether it can be recognized for credit.

While some academic units arrange work abroad opportunities for their students, others may simply provide a set of guidelines to assist in the decision making process. There are also many external organizations that facilitate international internships, but they vary greatly in the services provided and the types of work opportunities available. It is important to research extensively to ensure that you attain the maximum benefit from the experience.

Toronto Metropolitan University FCS student, Ina Benkova, poses with pastries and group of students in a kitchen during a summer course and internship in France.

FCS student, Ina Benkova, participates in a summer course and internship in France.

Take some time and explore your options, connecting with your program’s placement, internship or co-op coordinator, and/or by reaching out to the Career and Co-op Centre and the Global Learning team at

International Experience Canada (external link, opens in new window)  (IEC) has some good information on how the Government of Canada facilitates working abroad for Canadians between 18 and 35. The IEC program has agreements with over 30 countries and territories that make it easier for Canadians to get work permits in these regions.

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