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Connect & Collect

Connect and Collect lets GCM students record connections with industry and immediately collect credits towards required internship hours! All you need to do is upload a photo of yourself at an industry event and you can start collecting. 🤳

You can start collecting points the moment you walk through our doors, until your internship begins. 

1 Connect & Collect point = 1 internship hour (up to a maximum of 60 hours).

You must be signed into your Toronto Metropolitan University account to make submissions and view your points dashboard.

Upcoming Point-earning Opportunities

All you need to do is click the "Make a Submission" button above, enter basic information about the event you attended, and post a photo/selfie of yourself there. A GCM administrator will then look over the entry, and if the info is valid, you will receive a confirmation email and see your points value increase on your points dashboard.

Students can collect points on approved GCM industry-related events. Check this webpage for the official, up-to-date list of events that qualify and look out for Connect & Collect announcements from GCM instructors and staff. In addition, students may qualify for points on events not listed, providing they obtain pre-approval. These events may be part of a course (course credit), or extracurricular events (activities outside of class time).

Reasons that a submission would be denied: There is not enough information provided, incorrect information is provided, or the event does not qualify because it doesn’t host members of the printing industry.

The point categories below contain examples of events and their associated point values. Points are broken down into three categories: in-class events, partial-day events (minimum of three hours) and full-day events (minimum of five hours).

Categories and point values are subject to change.

  • Industry Speaker Event
    (For class or extracurricular)
  • Industry Speaker Event
    (For class or extracurricular)
  • Workshop/Seminar
    (letterpress workshop, BrainStation workshops, MaRS workshops, etc.)
  • Awards Ceremonies
    (GCM Awards Night, OPIA, Canadian Print Awards, Premier Print Awards, etc.)
  • Industry Dinner Event
    (OPIA event, PAC golf tournament, etc.)
  • Plant Tour
    (For class or extracurricular)
  • GCM Colloquium
  • Full-Day Conference
    (MagNet Conference, PrintAction Print Forum, etc.)
  • Overnight Conference (per day)
    (TAGA, Graph Expo, FTA Forum, drupa, interpack, TypeCon, etc.)
  • Trade Shows
    (Graphics Canada, Print World, Sign Expo, etc.)

There is no maximum number of points you can earn and you can redeem your points for up to 10% of your grade in WKT 608.

There is no minimum number of points you can earn and you can redeem your points for up to 10% of your grade in WKT 608.

GCM staff review submissions regularly throughout the school year. While most approvals will be made within a week, it may take up to a few weeks during busy periods. Please only contact the GCM office if your points have not been approved after 30 days.

All you need to do is click the "View Points Dashboard" button above. Your points and list of submissions will load within approximately 5-10 seconds. If no data is shown, you likely do not have any approved submissions; submissions must be approved first by GCM staff.

⚠️ You must access this report using your TMU Google account.

⚠️ There may be up to a 15-minute delay for recently-awarded points to show.

Try the following:

  • Try refreshing your browser.
  • Try clearing your browser's cache. 
  • You must be logged into your TMU Google account to make submissions and view your points dashboard. 
  • If your personal Google account is showing instead of your TMU account, try logging out of all accounts and logging in with your TMU account first, or try logging in from a private/incognito window.
  • If you have not made any submissions yet, some components of the dashboard will not load.
  • If your first submission has not yet been approved by GCM staff, some components of the dashboard will not load. You will receive a confirmation email when your submission has been approved.
  • You must must submit your event information within one week of attending (preferably on the day of the event).
  • Events that happen in class and/or are for course credit (e.g., a plant tour) count towards points, as long as you submit them through the submission form linked above.
  • You can’t “double dip” for points (e.g., claim points for both volunteering at Colloquium, as well as attending Colloquium).
  • Be considerate, respectful, and use discretion when taking your photo at an event. It must be clear what event you’re at, so stand in front of a specific sign or building.
  • Students in GCM are bound to TMU University’s academic code of conduct, which means that falsifying information through GCMCC will be taken as seriously as other forms of academic misconduct in courses (please visit TMU's Academic Integrity Office).