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GCM 110

Welcome to GCM 110. Choose Your Own Adventure.

Introduction to Graphic Communications

Hello from Martin!

Welcome and explore the exceptional work done by students that went beyond what was discussed in class. Students demonstrated their unique talents using one of the media choices below. Their work can be part of their future portfolio. Please take some time to enjoy the work of the students.


Paul Rand - Website Preview

Paul Rand Biography

By Ka Ka Tiffany Cheung

Environmental Challenges and Initiatives in the Printing Industry - Website Preview

Environmental Challenges in the Print Industry

By Samantha Lee

Jessica Walsh - Website Preview

Jessica Walsh Biography

By Maryam Rasheed

Typographic Trends Making Way in 2020 - Website Preview

Typographic Trends in 2020

By Anne Voong


David Carson Biography

By Alina Amini

Grunge Typography

By Justin de Leon

Sylvia Harris Biography

By Maravilha Jose

1920s Typography

By Marina Morgan




By Celeste Gauthier


Early 2000’s Typography

By Samir Macklai


Accessibility in Design

By Dominique Paul


John Maeda Biography

By Bernard Miguel Castro


GCM 110 Inside Accessbile Graphic Design In Response to Colour Vision Defeciency (CVD)

Accessibility in Design (CVD)

By Thomas Corpuz

Dessin - Magazine Cover

Evolution of Graphic Design

By Manya Ganju

Milton Glaser & His Impact on the Industry of Graphic Design - Magazine Cover

Milton Glaser Biography

By Jennifer Foster

Ruth Ansel Biography - Magazine Cover

Ruth Ansel Biography

By Jenna Naccarato

Album Art Typography in the 1970s - Magazine Cover

70’s Typography for Album Covers

By Jake Hamilton


Cooper Black Editorial

By Jacob Chan

CYOA: Returning to Retro - Editorial Preview
Typography Trends of Art Deco - Editorial Preview

Typography Trends in Art

By Jasmine Dawdy

1920’s Typography

By Rebecca Karton

Typography Clothes Furniture and More - Editorial Preview

Just my type... Bauhaus

By Emily Vassev

Just my type... Bauhaus - Editorial Preview