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Filament extruder in action
Filament extruder
Filament winder with a laser micrometer for online diameter measurement
Filament winder
A curvilinear layer being printed
Curvilinear printing
A r3D printed coupon reincforced with recycled fiber glass next to a pure PLA coupon
3D printed coupons
A fracture coupon ready for image analysis
Fractured coupon
Scan electron microscopy of a fractured coupon
Fractured surface (SEM)
Recycled fibers surfaces
Recycled fibers (SEM)
A flexible 3D printed specimen during tensile testing
Testing a flexible part
A variable stiffness 3D printed specimen during tensile test
Testing of a VS coupon
Blue laser line showing on a 3D printed layer
Laser line inspection
3D printed impeller
3D printed impeller
Impeller ready for casting
Impeller ceramic shell