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FRAMES for mechanical tests

Strong floor with multiple mounting points and two embedded T-groove steel plates

Robotic 3D printing cell
Robot 3D printing cell

Ideal for large scale 5-axis 3D printing and mounting custom-built heads

MTS testing machine

MTS fatigue rated load frames (hydraulic testing machine) - 250 kN

Custom-built 3D printer
Closed-loop 3D printer

Custom-built 3D printer with CR-10S frame and servo motors

Taz 6 Desktop 3D printer inside an enclosure
LulzBot Taz 6

Taz 6 with non-reflective IR enclosure ideal for thermal imaging and analysis

Prusa i3 MK2S 3D desktop 3D printer
Prusa I3 MK2S

Ideal for innovative design (curvilinear variable stiffness 3D printing)

Inside a Zortrax M200 desktop 3D printer
Zortrax M200

Ideal For prototyping (mountings for scanners and fixtures)

CR-10S desktop 3D printer

Ideal for printing with flexible filaments (wearable and assistive devices)

Laser line scanner in a 3D printed mount
Laser line scanner

LJ-V7080 laser line scanner for  in-process inspection during 3D printing

Laser micrometer with a control box
Laser micrometer

LS-9030M laser micrometer for measuring filament diameter in the extrusion proces

Structure sensor camera installed on an Ipad
Structure sensor

Ideal for inspection of large parts (creating 3D models)

Dehydrator from Noztek
Noztek dehydrator

Humidity reduction and control for raw materials (pellets and filaments)

A top view of two extrusion systems
Filament extrusion systems

Filafab extruder and winder + Noztek for making pure and reinforced filaments

Thermography camera on a mount

Thermography camera for 3D printing process analysis

Two ovens in a room

ASTM testing mechanical convection oven (biofuel testing)

A fume hood by a sink
Fume station

Mixing fume station (for biofuels and chemical process of reinforced pellets)

MTS testing machine with a fractured specimen

MTS fatigue rated load frame (hydraulic testing machine) - 100 kN

Anycubic Chiron

Ideal for large and flexible 3D printing

High temperature 3D printer
High Temp. 3D printer

Ideal for high-performance thermoplastics

Lightform projector

Lightform for Augmented Reality (AR)