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FRAMES, Facility for Research on Aerospace Materials and Engineered Structures, funded by CFI infrastructure grant, is a state-of-the-art, leading edge centre for aerospace materials and structures. The facility can be utilized to perform full-scale components testing, and static tests and durability tests. It also hosts full cycle FFF 3D printing research including filament extrusion, large scale 3D printing, and in-situ inspection.

FRAMES primary mandate is to undertake collaborative R&D projects as well as technology demonstration activities in support of the aerospace and automotive industry. High quality work that meets the stringent requirements of the aerospace and automotive industry can be conducted in a cost effective way through close collaboration with the industry and the deployment of highly skilled graduate students and resident technical support staff. There is already a successful track record of collaboration between FRAMES and the Aerospace and Automotive industry through the RIADI program, supervision of graduate students who work at industry, as well as multiple collaborative projects.

Bombardier Aerospace
Canadian Foundation for Innovation
Pratt & Whitney
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada