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Sikh Employee Community Network

Sikh faculty and staff at TMU engaging in work, including meeting with colleagues and visiting with patients

The Sikh Employee Community Network at Toronto Metropolitan University strives to empower Sikh faculty and staff, promote cultural understanding and enrich diversity within the university community.

Who we are

The Sikh Employees Community Network at TMU is a dedicated support network open to all faculty and staff from diverse backgrounds. Our mission is to foster an inclusive environment where Sikh faculty, staff and allies can thrive and achieve their true potential.

Through our collective efforts, the Sikh Employee Community Network will:

  • promote equity, diversity and inclusion within TMU and beyond
  • raise awareness of issues of importance to the Sikh community
  • empower Sikh faculty and staff to excel professionally and advocate for belonging, mutual respect and the celebration of Sikh heritage and traditions
  • partner with other community networks and Sikh student groups

What we do

The Sikh Employee Community Network is guided by three principles:

  • Sangat: Provide support for Sikh faculty, staff and allies at TMU. 
    • This includes providing safe spaces for members to share experiences and address current matters facing the Sikh community, as well as access to support services available at TMU.
  • Seva: Give back to the community and serve those in need.
  • Sikhna: Present opportunities for Sikhi learning, connection and personal growth.


For additional information about the Sikh Employee Community Network or to get involved, please email: