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Why an English MA at Toronto Metropolitan University?

[Free to use (Pixabay) Credit: Gerd Altmann]

Our one-year MA program provides students with the opportunity to develop professional skills of value in both literary studies and non-academic careers. Students acquire enhanced skills in critical thinking, media analysis, and persuasive, informed communication that have proven to be highly useful and sought-after in many professions. In addition, our program fosters a rich understanding of ourselves as engaged, responsible citizens in our society and in the world.

These qualities have helped our students to pursue further education or to work in the private sector. Many of our students have been accepted into doctoral programs in English and related fields across Canada, the US, and the UK -- while others have entered professional programs in education, library and information studies, business, and law. Our graduates have also gone on to pursue careers at literary, arts, and cultural organizations, elementary and secondary schools, libraries, non-profits, and communication and marketing firms.