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English at Toronto Metropolitan University

We tell stories.

Whether we are writing poetry or policy; analyzing visual media or novels; organizing digital exhibits or protests; or exploring youth cultures or ethnic cultures, we tell stories. We tell stories because stories allow us to imagine, comprehend, and communicate our lived experiences. This understanding of stories and storytelling is at the heart of our approach to literary study. At TMU, literary analysis is not an elitist, esoteric exercise. Instead, it is a vibrant means of engaging with the world – of deepening our understanding of events around us, of engaging in creative expression, and of developing skills of persuasion, communication, and research that are the foundation of a variety of careers. In this way, our degree programs integrate TMU’s long-standing tradition of developing the skills most needed in the workplace along with the traditional and most valuable aspect of an English degree: learning to think and create in expansive and critical ways.  

Our unique approach to a bachelor’s degree in English (opens in new window)  engages students with storytelling and storytellers across a variety of cultural, historical, digital, and experiential learning contexts that foster interchange between literary studies and practical skills development. An English major at TMU can also be combined with a wide variety of professional and creative Minors (opens in new window) ; some of the more popular minors include Sociology, History, Curatorial Studies, Film (Cinema) Studies, and News Studies. For students who wish to combine literary studies with another discipline, we offer Double Majors (opens in new window)  with either History or Philosophy, an English Option in the Arts and Contemporary Studies degree program (opens in new window) , and an English Minor (opens in new window)  and a Minor in Global Narratives (opens in new window) .

Our graduate MA in Literatures of Modernity (opens in new window)  program combines advanced literary studies and innovative research and theoretical perspectives with opportunities for real-world work experience in Toronto’s literary, media, and cultural sectors.
Additionally, we offer a Certificate in English Literature and Popular Culture (opens in new window)  that allows students to enhance and refine their communication skills.

For more information about our programs, please contact us. (opens in new window) 

Dr. Colleen Derkatch, Interim Chair
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