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Honours & Recognition

A woman speaks at an Esch Awards event

Achievement comes in many forms at FEAS. From grade-point average to leadership and volunteerism, we are immensely proud of our students and the work they do in the classroom and the university community. To celebrate these achievements, we award honours each year to several deserving, determined students. Find out more about this year’s awards and award-winners, plus how you can be eligible.

To be eligible for consideration for entrance scholarships and awards, you must have a record of academic excellence as demonstrated by a final high school admission average of 85% or higher in six Grade 12 U/M courses. For some of the awards, you must also demonstrate strong leadership.

For more information about these awards and how to apply (if applicable), visit our Entrance Scholarships page.

2021 Award Winners

Award Student Program
Charles A. Root Entrance Scholarship Reina Chaiekh Biomedical Engineering
George and Helen Vari Foundation Entrance Scholarship (1) Harisshnee Ramakrisshnhan Chemical Engineering
George and Helen Vari Foundation Entrance Scholarship (2) Latheeshan Suthaharan Computer Engineering
George and Helen Vari Foundation Entrance Scholarship (3) Amelia-Jeevan Mangat Aerospace Engineering
Pierre Lassonde Entrance Scholarship (1) Humaira Saddat Civil Engineering
Pierre Lassonde Entrance Scholarship (2) Alysha Prem Undeclared Engineering
Pierre Lassonde Entrance Scholarship (3) Ryan Aoude Undeclared Engineering
Pierre Lassonde Entrance Scholarship (4) Tenzin Dhonyoe Biomedical Engineering
Pierre Lassonde Entrance Scholarship (5) Kishore Kirubakaran Biomedical Engineering
Pierre Lassonde Entrance Scholarship (6) Ian Andrei Ocampo Biomedical Engineering
Pierre Lassonde Entrance Scholarship (7) Yanny Patel  Computer Engineering
Pierre Lassonde Entrance Scholarship (8) Adam Harricharran Mechanical Engineering
Pierre Lassonde Entrance Scholarship (9) Dinushika Yakandawela Electrical Engineering
Pierre Lassonde Entrance Scholarship (10) Nadia Jahan Computer Engineering
SHAD Entrance Scholarship Victor Stroganov Computer Engineering


The Aileen Clark Lambie Awards are open to second-, third- and fourth-year undergraduate women engineering students who have made a notable contribution to women in engineering activities at FEAS. Eligible candidates must also be Canadian citizens or landed immigrants who meet specific academic expectations and demonstrate financial need.

For more information about this award and how to apply, visit the Office of the Registrar’s Awards and Scholarships page.

2022 Award Winners

Amy Ariganello smiling against a white backdrop

Amy Ariganello

As the President of the university’s Chemical Engineering Course Union (external link)  and American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) (external link, opens in new window)  student chapter, Amy Ariganello dedicated herself to increasing the representation of women in the chemical engineering field and beyond. She and her team held events and programs highlighting and providing a platform for women to share their engineering experiences. Ariganello hopes her work as an advocate will inspire more women to pursue a career in the engineering industry and continue to break barriers in the field.

Erica Attard smiling in a TMU hallway

Erica Attard

A member of the university Formula Racing (external link)  team for five years, Erica Attard acted as the first female Team Captain and Engineering Lead for her last two. Attard focused on promoting equity, diversity and inclusion by spearheading events showcasing women’s design team contributions alongside TMU’s WiE group (external link) . Attard also started a mentorship program to inspire women to pursue engineering leadership roles. She understands the impact of being a leader and sharing her story to open doors for women in a male-dominated space. 

Iman Cheema smiling against a floral back drop

Iman Cheema

As ​​the Mentorship Director of​​ TMU’s Women in Engineering (WiE) (external link)  group, Iman Cheema helped run events like Excelling in Academia to eliminate the stigma associated with women pursuing an engineering education. Working on this initiative and as an event ambassador with ​​Go ENG in partnership with the Ontario Network of Women in Engineering allowed Cheema to fulfill her passion for empowering women in engineering. Cheema hopes her participation in these programs will inspire younger women and change perceptions about engineering.

Vanessa Van Deck smiling in a busy study room

Vanessa Van Decker

Having benefited from mentors who supported her pursuit of mechanical engineering, robotics and space, Vanessa Van Decker has worked hard to pay it forward. As the first female lead of the university’s TMR Robotics (external link)  team, she promoted other women to leadership positions. She encourages female students’ involvement in the Canadian space industry by speaking at and leading events. Van Decker believes fostering community among women in engineering promotes success within the field and leads to a more innovative, welcoming and exciting industry.


The Ontario Professional Engineers Foundation for Education Gold Medal for Academic Achievement is awarded to the student graduating from each of the engineering faculties in Ontario with the highest GPA. The award is presented to the recipient by a representative from the foundation at the spring convocation ceremony.

For more information about this award and how to apply, visit the Registrar’s awards and scholarships page.

2022 Award Winner

Joshua Jobe, the 2022 recipient of the Ontario Professional Engineers Foundation Education Gold Medal, stands in front of a green hedge smiling at the camera

Joshua Jobe, Civil Engineering (BEng '22)

In addition to his outstanding GPA, Joshua Jobe earned a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Undergraduate Student Research Award (external link)  in 2021, a George Wong Scholarship in 2020 and a Pierre Lassonde Entrance Scholarship in his first year. He has also been accepted as an accelerated master's student in civil engineering at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) and was selected as a recipient of a TMU Graduate Scholarship for the coming year.


The Viola Desmond Awards and Bursary Program celebrates the outstanding achievements of self-identified Black women who are positive role models and advocates of the Black or African-Canadian community.

For more information about this award and bursary program, visit the Viola Desmond Awards and Bursary Program page.

2021 Award Winner

Nigeleen Nwakobi
Nigeleen Nwakobi

Nigeleen Nwakobi is a fourth-year industrial engineering student and advocate of inclusive spaces for women and BIPOC students at Toronto Metropolitan University and beyond. She is Executive Secretary of the National Society of Black Engineers and part of the Anti-Black Racism Student Advisory Committee, a group dedicated to fostering belonging, representation and community for Black students at Toronto Metropolitan University. Outside of the university, Nigeleen actively supports causes affecting BIPOC communities and recently contributed to a play highlighting the injustices faced by Indigenous women.

Engineering Day allows engineering students in their final year to present their capstone design projects to the public and compete for awards. The students have envisioned and explored new possibilities, transforming their ideas into designs that will drive societal change.

Award winners are selected by a committee of judges from each of the engineering departments.

2022 Award Winners

Project Title Students Program
Aircraft for Canada's Remote Northern Communities; North Air Starling P1
Bradley Blake, Christian Cordeiro, Angelo Ferreira, Minsu Joo, Keyur Mistry, Samuel Pahad, Sepehr Roshany, Ravin Singh, Aagneya Verma
Aerospace Engineering
Motion Monitoring and Analysis Wearable: Knee to Me
Oluwatoni Bodunrin, Rene Gilliland-Rocque, Madison Fernandez, Ella Han
Biomedical Engineering
Design of a Biodiesel Plant From Waste Cooking Oil With a Capacity of 25,000,000 L/Year
Nairy Tourabian, Sara Malik, Muhammad Areeb, Viktoria Khan, Omer Dlale
Chemical Engineering
Semi-Integral Abutment Bridge With Steel Girders - 8 Lanes Highway
Sahand Fazli, Ali Hosseinzadeh Zarabi, Athanasios Verros, Daniel Gemayel, Parsa Khaleghi, Sina Dadelahi-Sarab
Civil Engineering
Autonomous Fetching Assistant With Voice Control for Assisted Living
Rugshan Gnanandram, Muhammad Rohan Zahid, Alice Mwanri, Alexis Kojic
Computer Engineering
Omnidirectional Robot Car With Moving Arm
Kenneth Redaj, Jathushon Daniel, Yazdan Rezayat, Mahmoud Abdellatif
Electrical Engineering
Design of an Incoming Goods Inspection Process at an Automotive Parts Manufacturing Facility
Henrik Fung, John Naismith
Industrial Engineering
Robot Gutter Cleaner
Spencer Jakob, Michaela Joseph, Krista Poolsaar, Alessandro Quagliotto
Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Architectural Science (DAS) encourages its students to test boundaries, explore new possibilities, and apply their skills to prevailing issues present within their evolving surroundings. 

The DAS Year End Show is the culmination of the academic term and showcases the cutting-edge works of top students in all four years of study and the graduate level.

2022 Exhibitors

Year One

Year Two

Year Three

Year Four

Class Student(s) Project
ASC 920 Noah Ryzewicz Project 1 - A Laneway Suite: Laneway Suite 542 Beresford Avenue (external link) 
ASC 920 Noah Ryzewicz Project 2 - The Good Neighbour: A Missing Middle Project (external link) 
ASC 920 Jack Dalgleish-Morel Bee Breeders: Virtual Home METAHOUSE - The Digital Hearth (external link) 
ASC 920 Jessica Iozzo Competition: Port[lands] Housing (external link) 
ASC 920 Florencio IV Tameta Tokyo Studio - Final Design: Tama Plaza Research Centre (external link) 
ASC 920 Anna Halleran Tokyo Studio - Final Design: A Polyvalent City Block (external link) 
ASC 920 Mayan Ebrahim Fragments: Collaborative Core (external link) 
ASC 920 Sarah Tyl Fragments: A Point of Intersection (external link) 
ASC 920 Alvin Huang Ecologies Design Studio P5 - Let Me Explain: Busan Beetle (external link) 
ASC 920 Yiran (Shirley) Yao Ecologies Design Studio P5 - Let Me Explain: Niko (external link) 
ASC 920 Christopher Cleland Ecologies Design Studio P5 - Let Me Explain: Rhynchocephalia Sphenodon Punctatus (external link) 
ASC 920 Armando Macias Gutierrez Manufactured Ecologies in the Post Anthropocene: Auckland Snapper Turtle (external link) 
ASC 920 Christopher Cleland Museum of Architecture: The Emissary (external link) 
ASC 920 Christian Maidankine The Architecture Museum, Form, Content and Meaning: Architecture Institution (external link) 
ASC 856 Zareen Khan Assignment 3 (external link) 
ASC 856 Cooper Hollett Scanlon Adventure House (external link) 
ASC 856 Christopher Cleland A Place Of Reflection. Fogo Island, NL (external link) 
BSC 720 Kathleen Crisol, Eric Bowen, Sharon Widanagama Energy, Water & GHG of Nine Ontario Houses (external link) 
BSC 720 Kathleen Crisol Shade and Thermal Comfort Analysis: Burwash Hall Quad (external link) 
BSC 820 Kathleen Crisol Net Zero Off-Grid Microhome: Warm Cabin (external link) 
BSC 820 Emily Zheng Net Zero Off-Grid Microhome: Off-Grid Microhome (external link) 
BSC 820 Jacob (Coby) Lyons Net Zero Off-Grid Microhome: Compact and Hidden (external link) 
BSC 820 Briana Decina Net Zero Off-Grid Microhome (external link) 
PMT 720 Treya Vyas Request for Proposal: Coventry University Campus International Centre in Barcelona, Spain (external link) 
PMT 720 Emily Liu, Patryk Banel Request for Proposal: Coventry University Satellite Campus in Barcelona, Spain (external link) 
PMT 720 Antonela Kelava Request for Proposal: Coventry University Satellite Campus in Barcelona, Spain (external link) 
PMT 820 Emily Liu Project Summary Report: Planning Queen Street Library (external link) 
PMT 820 Patryk Banel Project Summary Report: Planning The Parkdale Library Project (external link) 

Graduate Studies

Class Student(s) Project
AR 8101 Jasmin (Minji) Kim, Jeannette Wehbeh, Taylor Marshall Pale Blue Dot: Adaptation in the Flux of Chaos (external link) 
AR 8101 Kristen Tsoukas, Patricia Diaz, Elena Teimouri Pale Blue Dot: Suburbia Under Pressure: Re-imaging Social Contracts (external link) 
AR 8101 Nicole Li, Rita Wang Post-Anthropolis: An interactive manual for re-imagining the post-industrial city (external link) 
AR 8103 Tetyana Gradyuk, Jasmin (Minji) Kim Circular Urbanism: A "Do Tank": Urban Farm-Rise (external link) 
AR 8103 Ysabel Arboleda, Ted Bulaclac Commentary on the GTA's Missing Middle: The Gateway (external link) 
AR 8103 Taylor Marshall, Jeannette Wehbeh Circular Urbanism (external link) 
AR 8103 Nicole Li, Rita Wang Housing at Shoppers World Brampton (external link) 
BL 8104 Rajendran Neelakandan, Miles Asher, Ruba Salah, Provis Wan, Wanrong Zhu Solar Decathlon: Multifamily Residential Building (external link) 
BL 8104 Millie Jacobs, Fatma Osman, Jesse Osmond, Shristi Bhusal, Yanchao Li Zero Energy Building Design Project: 101-111 Gerrard Street East Office Building (external link) 

FEAS is home to over 45 active student groups and design teams participating in national and international competitions and conferences throughout the year. These events allow our students to showcase the amazing projects they work so hard on all year long – from concrete canoes to formula race cars.

For a complete listing of our student groups and design teams, visit our Student Experience page.

Featured Award-Winning Groups

RUAV team of five male engineering students pose with their 2022 trophy and plaque

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Team

For the second year in a row, TMU's Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) team took 1st place in the flying phase at Aerial Evolution Association of Canada's annual Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) Student Competition. Led by third-year industrial engineering student and Team Captain Eric Dobson, the team successfully designed and deployed their hybrid vehicle during the Southport, Manitoba competition.

Formula Racing Team

 (external link) 

For the second year in a row, TMU’s Engineering Student Society awarded the Formula Racing team a Sheldon Levy Student Group of the Year Award. The award is given to a student group that shows initiative on campus by hosting events and has outstanding performance. Led by the first female Team Captain and Engineering Lead, Erica Attard (BEng ‘22), the team also won the Alan Shepard Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Award in 2021.

Entrepreneurship is a vital part of the FEAS ecosystem—and a central feature of that ecosystem is the Norman Esch Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship Awards program. The Esch Awards provide financial assistance to current FEAS students with the purpose of enabling new, innovative ideas for products, inventions and technologies that are relevant to the Canadian economy now and in the future. Since 2013, the Esch Foundation has given $2 million to support student entrepreneurship at FEAS, furthering the research, development and commercialization of ideas for 245 students and counting.

For more information on the entrepreneurship opportunities at FEAS, including the Esch Awards, visit our Entrepreneurship page.

Featured Student Entrepreneurs

Joseph Fida

Joseph Fida

Fida is the co-founder and CEO of Blade Air (external link) , a company that is revolutionising the activated carbon air filtration market in the cannabis industry. He graduated from Toronto Metropolitan University in June 2018 with a bachelor of engineering (BEng) and is currently pursuing a master of applied science (MASc) in chemical engineering, also at Toronto Metropolitan University. He is a three-time Esch Award winner.

At FEAS, our student leaders do outstanding work outside of the classroom. Their contributions strengthen our university community and help foster diversity and engagement. 

For a comprehensive list of other awards, including those related to volunteering like the Dennis Mock Student Leadership Award and Aileen Clark Lambie Award, please visit the Registrar’s Program-Specific Awards page.

Student Volunteer Shoutout

Disha Soni

Disha Soni

Soni is currently president of the Toronto Metropolitan University branch of the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute (CASI), where she works to provide students with professional development opportunities. She also served as the logistics coordinator for the 2018 Conference on Diversity in Engineering and was part of the organizing committee for the 2016 First-Year Integration Conference.

Dean's List

The Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science Dean's List recognizes undergraduate students' outstanding academic achievement in an academic year. To be eligible for consideration, you must:

  1. Carry an average unit load of 4.0 billing units or higher for the two terms of the academic year under consideration (fall and winter).*
  2. Obtain a minimum GPA of 3.5 for the academic year under consideration. The minimum GPA applies for both the fall and winter terms exclusively, in addition to your overall GPA for the year.
  3. Obtain passing grades in all courses and a clear academic standing for both terms.
  4. Not have received any Disciplinary Notations (DNs) in the academic year under consideration.

*For chemical engineering students, the winter term of the fifth semester and the fall term of the sixth semester will be weighed against the Dean’s List criteria when reviewing eligibility, to compensate for the mandatory co-op program requirements.