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Get involved

Apply as a Startup:

If you're a clean energy startup looking to take your idea to the next level, the Clean Energy Zone offers a supportive environment to help you grow and succeed. Gain access to a network of industry experts, mentors, and resources that can help you refine your business model, access funding, and more.

Get Involved as a Student:

Are you a student passionate about driving innovation in clean energy? Join our Power Up Program and engage in exciting opportunities like Hackathons and Challenges! The Clean Energy Zone welcomes students who are eager to contribute their ideas, skills, and creativity to shape the future of sustainable technology.

Support as a Sponsor or Mentor:

Passionate about advancing clean energy innovation? Join us as a Sponsor and provide vital funding, resources, and expertise to accelerate startup growth. Engage with our community, gain visibility, and make a meaningful impact.

If you're an industry expert, consider becoming a Mentor. Guide startups through challenges in technology, market strategy, and fundraising. Together, let's drive innovation and build a sustainable tomorrow.