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We are industry driven and research led. Our industry partners define the problem and we delve into it, maintaining the independence required to push boundaries, invent novel applications and generate impact. Read on to learn more:

CUE's 2016 grid-scale battery project with Toronto Hydro.

CUE's grid-scale battery project, in partnership with Toronto Hydro, was successfully completed in June 2016.  (PDF file) Download case study. (opens in new window) 

Left to right: Gary Thompson, supervisor, engineering, generation planning and system studies, Toronto Hydro; Dino Priore, executive vice-president and chief engineering and construction officer, Toronto Hydro; Eric Hon, project analyst, Toronto Hydro.

Our partners’ challenges

  • Immediate priorities interfering with a long-term focus.
  • Lack of time to step back and think about the big picture.
  • Limited resources or expertise for research and innovation.
  • Pressure on individuals and groups to specialize.

Our expertise

  • World-class researchers and technologies with urban energy expertise.
  • Multidisciplinary collaborations: engineering, science, environment, business, social sciences, public policy, law and infrastructure management.
  • Integration of research, innovation and commercialization.
  • Research and testing with direct real-world impact.
  • Nonpartisan, objective, academically driven innovation.
  • An evidence-based approach to big picture issues.

Services we offer

  • Research projects, reports and papers.
  • Testing and facilities.
  • Consultation services.
  • Incubation and entrepreneurship.
  • Professional development.

How you can partner with CUE

What our partners say

"Electricity distribution grid technology is in a period of punctuated change. New and innovative ways are being invented to distribute, store and monitor electricity more effectively. We at Toronto Hydro need to adopt these new products and methods to provide greater value to our stakeholders. Our long-term collaboration with the Centre for Urban Energy enhances our ability to test and implement these new grid technologies to better serve our customers with safe, reliable electricity that they depend on."

— Anthony Haines, president and CEO, Toronto Hydro

"The IESO is proud to support the CUE as a collaborative intersection between utilities, technology vendors and the academic research community. The IESO strives to create an environment where innovation can thrive, and this partnership with CUE helps us do that."

— Peter Gregg, former president and CEO, Independent Electricity System Operator

"The Centre for Urban Energy is a world-renowned research centre. There is no better team to work with as we look to test and integrate the edge-of-the-grid technologies that will help us deliver clean, safe, affordable and reliable electricity to our customers."

— Praveer Sinha, CEO and managing director, Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited  

"It’s not how big the problem is, it's how big a part of the solution you can be. The Centre for Urban Energy houses some of the most innovative researchers and startups in the sector. They are not afraid of collaborating with industry and approaching government to deliver innovative solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our province and fight climate change."

— Glen Murray, former Ontario Minister of the Environment and Climate Change