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Dr. Maria Jung

Associate Professor
JOR 830
416-979-5000 Ext. 553734


Maria Jung joined the Department of Criminology at Ryerson University in July 2016. She completed her B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. in Criminology at the University of Toronto.  Her SSHRC-supported doctoral dissertation research examined the relationship between changes in immigration and changes in crime rates over time in Canadian cities and provinces for the period, 1976-2011.

Her primary research interests focus on the relationship between immigration and crime, immigrant and racialized people’s perceptions of the police, and the overrepresentation of racialized people in the criminal justice system. 

She has also conducted research on other topics including the operation of the youth criminal justice system in Canada, patterns and characteristics of homicide, and intimate partner violence. She has taught courses in the areas of interpersonal violence, youth justice, restorative justice, quantitative and qualitative methods.


Year Univeristy Degree
2017 University of Toronto Ph.D.
2008 University of Toronto M.A.
2007 University of Toronto Hons, B.A.


Course Code Course Title
CRM 102 Introduction to Criminology
CRM 310 Advanced Qualitative Research Methods
CRM 315 Advanced Quantitative Research Methods
CRM 304 Youth Justice in Canada
CR 8004 Graduate Qualitative Research Methods
CR 8103 Special Topics Seminar on Immigration and Crime
CR 8203 Seminar on Immigration and Crime