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Jessica Evans

Assistant Professor


Jessica Evans, Assistant Professor

Dr. Jessica Evans is a community engaged scholar whose research examines the causes, conditions, and consequences of incarceration in Canada, framed through anti-racist, decolonial, abolitionist and critical political economic theories. Dr. Evans holds a PhD from York University's Department of Political Science, supported by the SSHRC Joseph-Armond Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship.

Her most recent research was funded through a SSHRC Partnership Engage Grant which, in collaboration with Prisoner HIV/AIDS Support Action Network, explored the impact of COVID-19 on incarcerated persons throughout Ontario. This research has been published in recent issues of Punishment and Society, and the Canadian Journal of Law and Society. 

Dr. Evans' previous work has been published widely, including in peer reviewed journals such as Citizenship Studies, the Canadian Journal of Disability Studies, and Punishment and Society. She has also written numerous op-eds for outlets such as The Conversation and Spring Magazine, and has conducted numerous media interviews on issues of incarcerated persons. She is a co-founder of the Toronto Prisoners' Rights Project, a member of the Abolition Coaliton. and has recently been certified through Walls to Bridges.


University Degree
York, Political Science PhD
Carleton, Political Science MA
Carelton, Political Science  BA


Course Code Course Title
CRIM 515 Gendering Justice

Peer Reviewed Articles

  • Evans, J. and House, J. (2023). A Prison is No Place for a Pandemic: Canadian Prisoners’ Collective Action in the Time of COVID-19. Punishment & Society.
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  • Evans, J. (2010). The Neoliberal Turn in the SADC: Regional Integration and Disintegration.


Book Chapters

  • Evans, J. (2022). Crisis, Capital Accumulation and the ‘Crimmigration’ Fix in the Aftermath of the Global Slump. In (eds. Sharry Aiken and Stephanie Silverman) A World Without Cages: Bridging Immigration and Prison Justice. Routledge, NY.
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