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Anke Allspach

Assistant Professor

Anke Allspach is an Assistant Professor, with 30+ years of teaching experience, in the Department of Criminology at Toronto Metropolitan University. She has obtained her PhD in Sociology at York University in 2016. She further holds a Masters in Sociology and Equity Studies and Women and Gender Studies from the University of Toronto as well as a BA in Sociology with a certificate in Immigration and Refugee Studies from York University. She joined the Department in 2013 and has since worked as both a Limited Term Faculty and CUPE member.

Anke’s dissertation, Modern Imperialism (2016), and her SSHRC funded MA research focus on how (white settler) colonialism has been organized on a transnational level. Applying a post-colonial lens and Foucauldian analytics, her research investigates how modern imperialism is organized through public legitimization, the legalization of racialized gender violence and the circumvention of human and constitutional rights. Anke is also interested in the criminalization and imprisonment of women and has
published in the areas of carceral spaces: transcacerality (2010) and policing: dual charging policies in the context of domestic violence (2006). Her current research interests include practices of criminalization and deportation as well as the performance and precariousness of racialized and gendered Canadian citizenship.

Course Code Course Title
CRM 100 Introduction to Canadian Criminal Justice
CRM 101 Understanding Crime in Canada
CRM 102 Introduction to Criminology
CRM 202 Victims and the Criminal Process
CRM 300 Policing in Canada
CRM 308 Criminal Courts in Canada
CRM 402 Criminal Justice and Social Inequality
CRM 406 Seminar in Criminal Justice
CRM 601 Violence  and Society
CR 8103 Racialization and Criminalization