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MRP Guide

The Major Research Paper (MRP) is to be a sustained exploration of a practical or empirical problem, or a study of a theoretical question. An MRP may take the form of a critical review of the literature in a field, or the exploration or synthesis of various points of view in a subject area. An MRP is a research-based paper that is specific in scope but less complex in methodology and data gathering than would be required for an MA thesis. Unlike an MA thesis, an MRP need not involve original research. Normally, an MRP should be between 40 and 60 double-spaced pages in length. Students are welcome, where possible, to build on a paper already written for a graduate course. Please note that if you do decide to build on paper from a previous graduate course, this must be approved by your current MRP supervisor, with an email confirmation, and approved by the professor for whom you wrote the original paper. If you excerpt prior written material submitted for a graduate course, it must be cited properly in your MRP to acknowledge authorship. If you have questions related to this, please contact your MRP Supervisor.