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Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor virtual proctoring (integration with Brightspace)

Toronto Metropolitan University licensed Respondus Monitor for use in online exams. The system is integrated into the university's learning management system (D2L) and includes the Respondus LockDown Browser.

  • The browser controls the testing environment on the student’s computer. It prevents copying, printing, accessing other applications, or visiting other websites during an online exam. 
  • The system also uses the student’s webcam to capture the student’s ID and to monitor the exam by recording the student as they complete the assessment. Video is available for later viewing by the instructor. Video segments with potential exam procedure violations are flagged for the instructor to review.

Learn more about how Respondus Monitor works., external link

 Use of LockDown Browser and Monitor is by-request only.

Please contact if you are planning to use Lockdown Browser in your course.

Enable LockDown Browser and Monitor for an exam

To set up a quiz in D2L Brightspace that requires students to use LockDown Browser, follow these steps:

 Use of LockDown Browser and Monitor is by-request only.

Please contact prior to setting up your quiz if you are planning to use Lockdown Browser in your course.

  1. Using Chrome or Firefox, log into D2L Brightspace.

  2. Find your course and navigate to the "Assessment" dropdown, and go to "Quizzes"

  3. Click on the "Respondus Dashboard" tab.

  4. Click on the "Continue" button.

  5. You may be prompted with a "Welcome" page. Click on "Continue to LockDown Browser" at the end of the page.

  6. If you have any quizzes created, a list will be displayed.

    • Quizzes labeled with “Required” require students to use LockDown Browser.
    • Quizzes labeled with “Not Required” don’t require LockDown Browser.

    To change the settings on a quiz, select "Settings" from the context menu to the left of the quiz title and select the desired option.

  7. You may additionally require that LockDown Browser be used to view quiz feedback and results.

    You may optionally create a password that students must enter to start the quiz. LockDown Browser will prompt students to enter the instructor-provided password before proceeding with the quiz.

    You may optionally create a password that students must enter to start the quiz. LockDown Browser will prompt students to enter the instructor-provided password before proceeding with the quiz.

    Review the "Advanced Settings", however we recommend leaving these settings unchecked. 

  8. Respondus Monitor Webcam Settings will be displayed directly below the LockDown Advanced Settings. Please go to Step 2: Using Respondus Monitor (webcam feature) below.

Ensure your first exam using Respondus Monitor runs smoothly! Have students take an ungraded practice quiz that requires the use of LockDown Browser and a webcam, before taking a graded exam.

Direct students to use the Help Center prior to their first exam. With LockDown Browser open, log into the course and select the Help Center button the toolbar. From there, run the Webcam Check and the System & Network Check to make sure everything is working properly. If a problem is indicated, students can search for a solution in the Knowledge Base. Troubleshooting information can also be emailed to your institution's help desk.

Important: Leave the practice quiz available for the duration of the course, with unlimited attempts, so students can check their setup from a different computer.

Select "Require Respondus Monitor for this exam" to require all students use a webcam during the exam.

We recommend leaving all settings in the Startup Sequence and Facial Detection Options enabled (default).

Handwritten exams delivered using Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor are an option, if reviewing the numerous flags is not a concern. Be aware that there will be many flags, as the students will be required to do things like write on paper, and use their phone or smart device.

Below are the steps to prepare and setup the D2L Brightspace Quiz and Assignment:

  1. Create a D2L Brightspace Assignment where students will submit their essay. Configure the start, end, and due dates according to the actual exam date/time. Configure other settings as you see fit (e.g. Submission type: File, Number of allowable files to be submitted: Unlimited). Make the assignment ‘not hidden’ (i.e. visible). Note that students will not be able to open the Assignment until the start dates/times you have configured and the exam questions are not in the Assignment either.
  2. Create a D2L Brightspace Quiz. Create the exam questions in the Quiz tool. It can be either Written Response or Short Answer question type. Since students will not provide their answers in the Quiz tool, the question can be just one long text with instructions. A multi-step question can also be entered here, since students will answer them on paper.
  3. Configure the quiz settings according to how the exam will be delivered, which may include availability, duration, behaviour, restrictions, special access for students requiring accommodations, etc. Make sure the availability and duration are aligned with the Assignment’s start/end/due dates.
  4. Enable the virtual proctoring tool Respondus LDB + Monitor 
  5. Disable Content and other areas in the course which students should not access while completing their exams. In the Course Admin, select Tools, and set the toggle to Off for Content, Discussion, etc. as needed.

If students were required to use the webcam feature (Respondus Monitor) with the quiz, instructors can access information about the quiz sessions and can review the recorded videos.

Note that Respondus Monitor is intended to be a deterrent, so it’s up to the instructor to determine the level of review warranted.

To review student videos:

  1. Return to the Respondus Dashboard in the Brightspace course. 
  2. From the context menu to the left of the quiz title, select "Class Results". 
  3. A roster of the students in the course is shown, along with the review priority, and the date, time, and duration of each quiz.
  4. Click [ + ] to expand the section for a student.
  5. Details of the startup sequence and the exam session are shown in thumbnails. Click a thumbnail to view the video from the time indicated. Videos can be marked as reviewed or have comments added by the instructor.

 Share the Respondus Student Guide

Please note that Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor requires a student to download software on their own personal computer. Please share the following Google Doc guide with your students.


  • Windows: 11 and 10*
    * Windows 10S is not a compatible operating system
  • Mac: macOS 10.12 to 12.0+
  • Chromebook: ChromeOS version 88 and higher.
  • iPad: iPad OS: 11.0+ Instructors will need to enable the iPad setting in the test. 
  • Web camera (internal or external) & microphone.
  • A good internet connection.
  • Administrative privileges on your computer.

 Respondus Lockdown Browser & Monitor webinars

Respondus is offering comprehensive training webinars, external link for instructors who plan to use LockDown Browser and/or Respondus Monitor with online exams.

Registration can be completed on the Respondus website.