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Cultivating Black Flourishing Report (2024)

The Cultivating Black Flourishing Report weaves together the story of TMU’s efforts to confront anti-Black racism and cultivate Black flourishing on campus, and beyond. 

The report documents progress made on the implementation of Black student, staff, faculty and Office of the Vice-President, Equity and Community Inclusion recommendations since the launch of the Climate Review in 2020, spotlights complementary initiatives to foster systemic change led by teams across the university and charts the road ahead.  

Review of Recommendations Report (2021)

To address all student recommendations and inform the work of student, faculty and staff working groups, a Black Student Advisory Committee (BSAC) was created, composed of leaders representing various student organizations. The BSAC facilitated 12 community consultations and conducted a survey of experiences of anti-Black racism among 378 Black-identifying respondents from the university. The BSAC’s consultation work informed this Review of Recommendations Report published in November 2021 which can be used by the university community to take action towards eradicating anti-Black racism.

Anti-Black Racism Campus Climate Review Report (2020)

The 2020 Anti-Black Racism Campus Climate Review Report highlights the experiences of Black students, faculty and staff to foster a greater understanding of the realities they experience with anti-Black racism in a Canadian postsecondary institution. This report was launched following new concerns raised by the Black Liberation Collective student group at the university regarding the prevalence of anti-Black racism on campus.

The findings of the report were gathered from focus groups in which over 60 Black-identified students, staff and faculty were interviewed. The 14 recommendations outlined next steps to create a campus environment that is reflective of its population and where everyone feels they belong. 

Cover of the 2010 Taskforce on Anti-Racism at TMU Final Report

Taskforce on Anti-Racism at TMU Final Report (2010)

In 2010, the University’s Taskforce on Anti-Racism conducted a broad consultative process to inquire into and report findings on systemic racism at Toronto Metropolitan University. The report examined structural racial inequality and barriers on campus and proposed a set of recommendations to embed diversity and inclusion as key principles in the TMU mission and ensure an inclusive campus environment in which all can study, work and teach.