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Dr. Reza Kianoush

Reza Kianoush
BSc, MEng, PhD
416-979-5000 ext. 6455

Areas of Academic Interest

Analytical modeling of reinforced concrete structures subjected to earthquake loading

Earthquake-resistant design of reinforced concrete structures

Performance-based design of concrete liquid containing structures

Seismic rehabilitation and repair of concrete structures

Non-linear finite element analysis and modeling of reinforced concrete structures


Year University Degree
1986 University of Alberta PhD
1981 University of Sheffield MEng
1980 University of Warwick BSc

Selected Courses

Course Code Course Title
CVL 410 Structural Concrete Design I
CVL 904 Structural Concrete Design II
CV 8313 Prestressed Concrete Design


Leaks are bad—in your roof, your basement, your travel mug. Now, imagine a much larger scale. Picture a massive tank containing wastewater that, if it fails, will contaminate the supply of drinking water. That’s bad. And that’s why it’s good to have Reza Kianoush on the job.

An expert in liquid containing structures, Kianoush works to ensure that tanks containing hazardous waste or wastewater don’t leak. Focused mainly on containers made from concrete, his research explores optimal designs and potential applications of new materials. “We aim to improve existing knowledge so that we can suggest new designs or changes in industry standards that will prevent leaks from happening in the first place,” he says.  

One of his main challenges is that these tanks can be enormous, up to 20 metres high and as long as 300 metres. “They don’t come in one piece and you can’t pour all of the concrete on the site at one time,” he says. “Our job is to determine the sort of materials, joints, water stops and overall designs that will be practical for the contractors to build while also doing everything possible to prevent a leak.”

Reza Kianoush

“When you have a massive concrete tank full of wastewater, a leak isn’t just a nuisance. It’s a failure.”

  • Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO), member
  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), Member of the selection committee for NSERC-RTI (2016-17)
  • Canadian Standards Association (CSA):
    • Committee N287/291 Technical Committee: Concrete Containment and Safety Related Structures, Member
    • Design Requirements for Concrete Containment Structures for Nuclear Power Plants, Chair
    • Committee S900 - Technical Committee on Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Design and Construction, Vice-Chair
  • American Concrete Institute (ACI):
    • Committee 350 - Environmental Engineering Concrete structures- Chair
    • Subcommittee 350-F- Seismic Design of Liquid Containing Structures: Member- (Chair, 2009-2015)
    • Subcommittee 350-J Education- Chair
    • Subcommittee 350-D Structural - Member
    • Subcommittee 350-SC Steering Committee – Chair
    • Subcommittees: A-General and Concrete,, B-Durability, C-Reinforcement and Development, E-Precast-Prestress, G-Tightness Testing, H-Editorial, K-Hazardous Materials, L-Specification- Ex-Officio
  • ACI Faculty Network Committee, member (Ryerson Representative)
  • Committee 371: Elevated Tanks with Concrete Pedestals, Member
  • American Water Works Association (AWWA)
  • Standards Committee on Tendon Type PS Concrete Tanks (Member)
  • Canadian Association for Earthquake Engineering (CAEE), Member