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Dr. Medhat Shehata

Medhat Shehata
Professor, Associate Dean, Teaching and Outreach
PhD, PEng
416-979-5000 ext. 552152

Areas of Academic Interest

Aggregate reactions

Concrete durability

Construction and pavement materials


University Degree
University of Toronto PhD

Selected Courses

Course Code Course Title
CVL 533 Concrete Materials
CVL 900 Pavement Design and Management
CV 8106 Advances in Concrete Materials


Medhat Shehata loves concrete. In particular, concrete dams have always been a fascination. “As a boy, I was intrigued by the challenges engineers face in ensuring stability under the enormous pressure of high water. Can a dam tilt over? But most of all, they looked beautiful to me. And I loved that they could both retain water and produce electricity – dual uses for one structure.”

Over time, Shehata learned that concrete itself must have dual functions: both strength to withstand pressure and durability to maintain performance over time. He became more interested in durability and now mainly focuses on developing test methods to predict the service of concrete in the field, to evaluate deteriorated structures, and to identify the best construction and repair materials.

“I enjoy bringing new learning to pressing technical issues,” he says. “We’re still learning today about concrete challenges and how to resolve them. We need new methods to repair old structures. But even more interesting to me is the need for sustainable and potential new materials for future structures, and ways to test them.”  

Shehata is equally focused on his research, teaching and engineering outreach activities. “I could talk about the exciting challenges that engineers face – and about concrete – all day.”

Medhat Shehata

“A highlight of my work is preparing students to make changes in the world after they graduate.”

  • Chancellor’s Award of Distinction – Toronto Metropolitan University, 2019
  • Fellowship of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering, 2016
  • Certificate of Appreciation - Canadian Society for Civil Engineering for serving as Chair of the Engineering Mechanics and Materials Division for two terms 2009-2013
  • Teaching Excellence Award - the Group to Renew and Enhance Effective Teaching (GREET), Toronto Metropolitan University, 2004
  • Teaching Excellence Award - Faculty of Engineering, and Applied Science, Toronto Metropolitan University, 2003
  • Canadian Council of Professional Engineers and ENCON Insurance Managers Inc. Scholarship for Engineers, 1998
  • Noura Sinno, Medhat H. Shehata, Effect of sample geometry and aggregate type on expansion due to alkali-silica reaction, Const. and Build. Materials, 209, 2019, 738-747.
  • Guirguis B., Shehata M, Duchesne J, Fournier B, Durand B, Rivard P. (2018). The Application of a New Oxidation Mortar Bar Test to Mixtures containing Different Cementing Systems. Const. and Build. Mat. 173, 775-785
  • Guirguis, B. and Shehata, M. (2017) A new screening test to evaluate the presence of oxidizable sulphide minerals in coarse aggregates, Const. and Build. Mat. 154, 1096-1104
  • Shehata M, Jagdat S,  Rogers C, Lachemi M. (2017). Long Term Effects of Different Cementing Blends on Alkali Carbonate Reaction”. ACI Materials Journal, 2017
  • Andal, J., Shehata,M, and Zacarias, P. (2016). Properties of concrete containing recycled concrete aggregate of preserved quality, Const. and Build Mat., 125, 842-855
  • Associate Editor, Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering
  • Vice Chair, Technical Subcommittee on Aggregate Reactions, Canadian Standards Association (CSA)
  • Vice Chair, Technical Subcommittee on Concrete of Special Performance, Canadian Standards Association (CSA)
  • Member, American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), Concrete and Aggregates