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Dr. Haitham Aboshosha

Haitham Aboshosha
Associate Professor
BSc, MSc, PhD
416-979-5000 ext. 556473

Areas of Academic Interest

Wind and structure engineering (wind effects on buildings, bridges, energy infrastructures, storm shelters, etc.)

Wind tunnel testing (atmospheric boundary layer, thunderstorm gust fronts, and tornadoes)

Computational fluid dynamics

Atmospheric boundary layer modeling

Finite element and mathematical modeling

Climate change, thunderstorm and tornado analysis

Precise farming using on-site climate analysis and UAV images

Fluid-structure interaction


Year University Degree
2014 Western University PhD
2010 Alexandria University MSc
2006 Alexandria University BSc

Selected Courses

Course Code Course Title
CVL 312 Computer Aided Structural Analysis
CV8301 Application of Finite Element
ES8913 Wind Engineering Applications for Civil Structures


The potential impact of wind on tall buildings and long bridges is a central focus of Haitham Aboshosha’s work. “If a structure exceeds a certain height or length, it becomes flexible,” he says. “And if its natural period of vibration is under one second, wind becomes an issue.”

An expert in wind engineering and the dynamics of structures, Aboshosha conducts fluid dynamics simulations to predict how structures will respond to wind. His expertise has taken him all over the world to assess structures with specifications that lie outside existing building codes. For example, he has worked on the soon-to-be tallest building in the world, Dubai Creek Tower, as well as the second Samuel de Champlain Bridge in Montreal, and the Noor Power Station in Morocco.

Though his work in wind and structure interaction is already highly stimulating for Aboshosha, it's becoming even more so with the challenges that climate change presents. “There are many studies that show trends of wind speeds steadily increasing. To ensure that buildings don’t end up with structural difficulties in the future, we need to design beyond today’s status quo.”

Haitham Aboshosha

“Engineering is a balance between safety and economics. We are trying to build structures that are safe while also being cost effective.”

  • Outstanding Reviewer: Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, and Journal of Sustainable Cities and Society: 2017.
  • Honorable mention for the Robert Scanlan Award for best doctoral thesis related to theoretical advances in the mechanics of wind and wind-structure interaction. 2017.
  • Canadian Society of Civil Engineers - Natural Disaster and Mitigation Conference - Best Conference Paper award. 2016.
  • Alan G. Davenport Award of Excellence in Wind Engineering Research. 2013.
  • Ghazal, T.*, Chen, J.*, Aboutabikh, M.*, Aboshosha, H. Elgamal, S.* (2018). Flow-Conditioning of a Subsonic Wind Tunnel to Model Boundary Layer Flows. Journal of Wind Eng. and Ind. Aero. Submitted
  • Aboutabikh, M.*, Ghazal, T.*, Chen, J.*, Elgamal, S.*, Aboshosha, H. (2018). Designing A Blade-System to Generate Downburst Outflows at Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel. Journal of Wind Eng. and Ind. Aero. Submitted
  • Elawady, A., Aboshosha, H., Bitsuamlak, G., El Damatty, A., Hangan, H., Elattar, A. (2017). Aero-elastic Testing of Multi-Spanned Transmission Line Subjected to Downbursts. Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics. 169: 194-216.
  • Aboshosha, H., El Shaer, A., Bitsuamlak, G. El Damatty, A. (2015). Consistent inflow turbulent generator for LES evaluation of wind-induced responses for tall buildings. Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics. 99: 272-284.
  • Aboshosha, H., Bitsuamlak, G., El Damatty A. (2015). Turbulence Characterization of Downbursts using LES. Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics. 136: 44-61.

*students supervised by Dr. Aboshosha

  • Technical Committee Member, Canadian Society for Civil Engineering, Conference 2018.
  • Member, American Association of Wind Engineering
  • Member, Professional Engineering of Ontario
  • Member, Canadian Society of Civil Engineers
  • Member, Egyptian Syndicate of Engineers