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Dr. Darko Joksimovic

Darko Joksimovic
Civil Engineering Program Director - Ryerson Cairo Campus, Co-operative Internship Program Coordinator
Associate Professor, Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies
BEng, MASc, PhD
416-979-5000 ext. 556462

Areas of Academic Interest

Urban water systems analyses

Green infrastructure monitoring and modelling

Decision support

Water-energy nexus



Year University Degree
2007 University of Exeter PhD
1999 University of Toronto MASc
1997 Toronto Metropolitan University BEng

Selected Courses

Course Code Course Title
CVL 400 Hydrology and Water Resources
CVL 913 Water Supply Engineering
CV8205 Special Topics: Urban Water Systems


You could say that Darko Joksimovic was born into his profession. Growing up in Yugoslavia, both his parents were civil engineers. At one point, they spent two and a half years working on a dam project in Libya. Then a small child, Joksimovic would roam freely around the construction site. “In those days, health and safety wasn’t as strict as it is now,” he says, laughing.

Today, as a Toronto Metropolitan alumni, Joksimovic shares his parents’ interest in water-related engineering. His research focuses on urban water issues, particularly how cities discharge stormwater and wastewater. “The continuing degradation of water quality as a result of human activity is a very complex issue to address,” he says. “It crosses many disciplines, political boundaries and responsibilities.”

Passionate about continuing the line of water engineers, Joksimovic loves to pass knowledge on to his students. “It is incredibly satisfying to train the next generation of water professionals who will apply their ideas and capability with new technologies to move the industry forward.”

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Darko Joksimovic

“Given the rate at which urban centres around the world are growing, we need to reinvent the way we manage wastewater and stormwater.”

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  • Senior Editor, Journal of Water Management Modeling
  • Reviewer, Urban Water Journal, Taylor & Frances
  • Reviewer, Journal of Hydroinformatics, IWA
  • Reviewer, Journal of Environmental Engineering, ASCE
  • Reviewer, Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management, ASCE
  • Reviewer, Water Science and Technology, IWA