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Berti Olinto portrait

Berti Olinto

Event and Operations Administrator
EducationMA, Toronto Metropolitan University / University of London
Areas of ExpertiseGlobal migration and media discourses, refugee resettlement and integration, multiculturalism.

Berti Olinto’s research interests focus on diasporic communities, migrant labour, and media discourses. Berti joined CERC Migration as a research assistant to support a multidisciplinary team in the project  (PDF file) Strengthening the Capacities of Local Authorities in the Reception and Integration of Migrants and Refugees (external link) , promoted by the Department of Social Inclusion of the Organization of American States (OAS).

He currently coordinates the Fair Farm Project, which aims to develop a space for discussion around a concrete labelling initiative with the potential for improving employment conditions in the agricultural sector in Southern Ontario, based on the success of projects in Europe and North America.

Berti has also worked as a research assistant to CERC Migration's research collaborations with ACCES Employment and the Saskatchewan Association of Immigrant Settlement Integration Agencies (SAISIA). He has taught at the School of Social and Community Development at George Brown College in Toronto and at the Universidad Catolica Andres Bello in Venezuela.

Recent Publications

Olinto, B. (2022/10).  (PDF file) The challenges of settlement and integration: Exploring Canada’s response to Venezuelan migration.

With Borrelli, E. (2022).  (PDF file) Migrant Labour in the Agrifood Sector, Ethical Food Label and Certification Schemes: A Literature Review.

Olinto, B. (2021). Medios diaspóricos, inmigración y activismo político. Análisis del discurso mediático sobre inmigrantes venezolanos en Canadá (external link)  [Diasporic media, immigration and political activism. Analysis of media discourse on Venezuelan immigrants in Canada.]. Question/Cuestión, (70).

Olinto, B. (2021). Venezuelan refugee and migrant crisis: An overview. Why do people migrate? (external link)  Facts. FutureLearn. European University Institute.                    

Güven, A., Murphy H., & Olinto, B. (2020).  (PDF file) IOM public communication campaign toolkit. (external link)        

Olinto, B., & Osbourne, D. (2019).  (PDF file) Framing international crisis. A comparative analysis of media texts on the Venezuelan collapse. In H. Bauder (Ed.), The promise of migration (pp. 91–99). Ryerson University.