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How to Connect to the RU-Secure Wireless Network

To access the TMU Wireless network, you need:

  • A my.ryerson account
  • A wireless ready laptop, a tablet, or mobile device

To provide more secure and convenient access to Toronto Metropolitan University's (TMU) Wireless network, CCS has implemented Wi-Fi Protected Access, version 2 (WPA2) as a wireless access method across campus named RU-Secure.

If you are currently using a personal laptop or other wireless enabled device, we strongly recommend that you begin using RU-Secure to access TMU's Wireless network.

Where departments provide laptops or other wireless devices that are shared by more than one person, converting to WPA2 will require additional work. The stored credentials from the previous user must be removed from the laptop before re-issuing it to the next person.

How to Connect 

Under most circumstances, your wireless enabled device should already be configured to the appropriate settings. Open your wireless manager and select RU-Secure. Input in your my.ryerson username and password and you will be connected to RU-Secure.

Configuring Your RU-Secure Wireless Connection

If you have trouble connecting, select your operating system from the list below to view the configuration instructions.

Windows 10
Windows 8
Windows 7
iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
Android v6+
Ubuntu (Click here to download the Ubuntu certificate)

Still Unable to Connect to RU-Secure?

If, after following the above instructions, your laptop or mobile device is unable to connect to the RU-Secure wireless network, or you know your device does not support WPA2 security, or for any other wireless support inquiries please email for assistance.