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How to Use Remote Access Securely

With your help, TMU can minimize online threats.

If you’re planning to use TMU network resources by remote access, you’ll need a virtual private networking (VPN) connection to keep the network’s protected information secure.

Requesting remote access

Remote access privileges are granted at the discretion of your manager as well as CCS.

Managers can contact with VPN requests on behalf of their employees. Once access is granted, a VPN account will be set up on your behalf by CCS.

Reporting loss or theft

TMU requires all VPN users to activate two-factor authentication on their account. If the device you use to provide two-factor authentication codes is lost or stolen, your VPN security is at risk.

Should loss or theft occur, report the incident as soon as possible to the CCS Help Desk at or 416-979-5000, ext. 556806.